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Primary School (PK-4)

The cornerstone of a Holy Cross education has always been “engaging the whole man: mind and heart, body and soul.” This is truer than ever as we start the journey from “Boys to Men” in pre-kindergarten. Our students are taught that the challenge facing any young man is to learn habits of the mind and habits of the heart:

  • The competence to see and the courage to act
  • To think critically
  • To make informed choices
  • To take risks
  • To own the consequences of his actions

These challenges come in the form of hundreds of exciting discoveries in our primary grades. Critical thinking, smart choices, risk-taking and responsibility are taught under the careful supervision of our faculty. We focus on nourishing children’s appetites for knowledge and spirit of discovery, while building mutual respect and sensitivity.

We are fortunate to be able to take more than 160 years of Catholic education and add to it the Reggio Emilia-style approach to early learning. Together, the old and the new work to enrich the learning experience for our students in many ways. The environment allows space for collaboration with comfortable workspaces designed to enhance student learning and support best practices in education. Shared spaces have replaced individual classrooms and provide the opportunity to create specialized learning environments. This allows for a greater variety of materials, which offers students a more engaging learning experience.

EARLY CHILDHOOD (Pre-K through 1st Grade)

Holy Cross School’s early childhood program offers a project-inspired environment, with the child as the central focus. Learning happens as our students encounter challenges and are inspired by the classroom and their classmates. Our faculty guides the learning, but does not define it. With parents as partners, we are dedicated to documenting our students’ accomplishments and communicating them with parents regularly.

LOWER SCHOOL (2nd through 4th Grade)

The Holy Cross lower school curriculum augments core subjects with STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math). The projects continue as in Pre-K, Kindergarten and first grade, but now our older students are better equipped to manipulate and build their own experiments. A common question you’ll hear in our Lower School Laboratory is, “What do you think will happen if…?” The answers are waiting for each boy to discover in his own way.