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Your Alumni Association!

Next Meeting September 27, 6:30 p.m. in the Huddle
Scott Blanchard '79 Cooking Pastalaya
Please join us!
 Your Alumni Association Board of Directors:
  • Jack Serigne, Jr., '67 President
  • Rod Nunez '85,  VP
  • Ray Lightell '69, Communications Officer
  • Kristian Gerrets '94, Treasurer
  • Jack Serigne, III, '97 Sgt. At Arms
  • Greg Orkus '06, VP of Events
  • John Tessitore '71, VP of Reunions
  • Jared Berges '06, VP of Young Alumni
  • Carey Johnson '89, VP of Alumni Affairs
  • David Serio '02, VP of Athletics
  • Paul Deckert '82, Military Liaison
  • Doug Degan '82, Archivist, VP of Band Activities
  • Matt Persson '00, VP of Advancement
  • Donald Winchester '75, VP of Membership, VP of Band Activities
  • Bill Lind '65, Men's Club Liaison
The Alumni Office
Make sure to stop by and sign the Alumni Wall! 
Alumni Association Meetings
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Alumni Association meetings will be in the Huddle on the 4th Thursday of every month - food & beverages will be served.  Any changes due to conflicting events will be announced in advance - the first one being we will meet at the St. Augustine game at Tad Gormley on October 25th!