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Middle School (5-7)

According to the National Middle School Association, “the challenge of middle school is to develop an educational program that is based on the needs and characteristics of a most diverse and varied population.”

An education for young adolescents must be:

Developmentally responsive

Using the distinctive nature of young adolescents as the foundation upon which all decisions about school organization, policies, curriculum, instruction, and assessment are made.


Ensuring that every student learns and every member of the learning community is held to high expectations.


Providing all students with the knowledge and skills they need to take responsibility for their lives, to address life's challenges, to function successfully at all levels of society, and to be creators of knowledge.


Advocating for and ensuring every student's right to learn and providing appropriately challenging and relevant learning opportunities for every student.

This We Believe: Keys to Educating Young Adolescents

To prepare our students for a successful transition to high school, we offer a balanced curriculum based on the needs of young adolescents. While we challenge students to meet their academic goals, we are also mindful of an adolescent’s developmental needs. The curriculum must emphasize both process and product, knowledge and application. Middle school is a time for students to gain independence. This is also a time of exploration to develop their skills and talents.