Lady Tigers

The Holy Cross Lady Tigers was founded to promote the spiritual well-being of the women of Holy Cross School, to assist and encourage club members to actively participate in school activities, and to perform other special tasks or projects that promote or contribute toward the general welfare of our Holy Cross School and Community. We invite all women of the Holy Cross Community, including current, former, and future Holy Cross moms, grandmothers, and alumni spouses (21 years or older), to join in the camaraderie. Lady Tiger socials and meetings are in the Huddle on the main campus. 

Join Lady Tigers Today! Membership is $50 per year.

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Volunteer opportunities include serving as members of the cooking team for school events, opportunities at the request of the headmaster and serving in annual events such as Family Day, Christmas Boutique & Brunch, Golf Tournament, Fishing Rodeo and Rivalry Tailgating.
Lady Tigers 2022-2023 Officers

President                             Janis Lovecchio                

Vice President                     Anjanette Kelley              

Treasurer                             Summer Anderson          

Secretary                              Amy Guiterrez                  

Membership Coordinator   Charique Richardson 

Social Chair                         Taysha Gibbs                    

Parliamentarian                   Cherise Scott