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High School (8-12)

Guided by the mission of Blessed Basil Moreau, Holy Cross School is ever so mindful of the one particular part of that mission: “We do not want our students to be ignorant of anything they should know. To this end, we shall avoid no sacrifice.” Therefore, we offer a world-class, college-preparatory curriculum that provides a strong foundation for college success. Students who accept the academic standards set by Holy Cross are offered challenging courses. Accordingly, the school has developed a choice of programs to promote learning that will allow each student to reach his highest potential.

Holy Cross’s broad curriculum offers honors, Advanced Placement and Dual-Enrollment courses to qualified students as well as a Scholars Program focused on a classical education inclusive of a research and Capstone component. Focus areas include Fine Arts (Visual, Instrumental, Choral and Drama classes), STEM, Robotics, Engineering, Speech and Debate, and Classical Studies in addition to the state mandated curriculum. This comprehensive curriculum is designed to challenge a young man to learn habits of the mind and heart, and to develop the competence to see and the courage to act, to think critically, to make informed choices, to take risks, and always, to own the consequences of his actions.

Students graduating from Holy Cross have matriculated to the colleges of their choice with 30+ hours of college credit via successful completion of Advanced Placement and Dual Enrollment opportunities.

A Holy Cross High School education is a process which:

  • Engages the whole man: mind and heart, body and soul.
  • Finds its best expression as service to others rendered by men with hope to bring.
  • Is guided by educators in the faith—parents, faculty, staff, and directors—empowered to build a community of the coming kingdom, and is rooted in a family legacy, which nurtures trustworthy friends and lasting brothers.

A Holy Cross education is one which is willing to continually renew itself by seeking new ways to articulate these shared values through a sequential challenging curriculum and a comprehensive activity program.