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Clubs and Organizations

Holy Cross School-Sponsored Clubs and Organizations

Art Club

Moderator: Mr. Jason DuMouchel ([email protected])

Grades: Open to students in grades 5-12

Club Description: Art Club is designed to encourage a talented art student to pursue his interest in art outside of the formal setting. It is not necessary to be enrolled in art in order to participate.

Meetings: Art Club for MS and HS meet from 3pm - 4pm on Fridays

Location: A209


Audio-Visual Club (AV Club)

Moderator: Mr. Eric Ferry ([email protected])

Grades:  5-12

Club Description: The club is designed to showcase Holy Cross academically, socially and spiritually by developing multi-media content through various means such as film, music and printed material. The student’s work will be displayed through the school’s social media platforms, main website, daily video announcements and more. The students will also take part in national contest such as the Coca Cola Company’s Powerade commercial competition. Students will create, develop and edit all the material.

Meetings: Every Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday from 7:15 to 7:50am and when needed based on upcoming events

Location: Student Activities Office


 Card Tricks Club/Magic Club [with playing cards]


Moderator: Mr. David Hanemann ([email protected])


Grades: 5th & 6th Grade


Club Description: This is a club offered to the Holy Cross student who wants to try some magic tricks.  Don’t worry, there won’t be any top hats or magic wands or bunnies, but there will be the famous phrase: “Is this your card?”  Students will be able to learn three card tricks in the Beginning or Moderate Level, and may also have a chance to watch some tutorial videos as well.


Meetings: Every Friday after school


Holy Cross Speech and Debate and The Brother Aiden O’Reilly Debating Society

Moderator: Ms. Sasha Kreinik ([email protected] )

Grades: Debate Team open to grades 5th - 12th

Club Description: Our competitive debate and forensics team. Students who excel in Speech and Debate are regularly among the top college scholarship award winners each year! The team travels across the state and the country,  regularly acquiring state, district, and national honors. Competition is available for almost the entire year, which makes it possible to participate in a favorite sport, and also be involved in this activity,  as the season begins in September and continues to March with the national championships held in June. Currently, Holy Cross competes in all debate events: Policy Debate, Lincoln-Douglas Debate, Public Forum Debate, World Schools Debate, Congressional Debate, and Big Questions Debate. They also compete in individual events: Duo Interpretation, Dramatic Interpretation, Humorous Interpretation, Oral Interpretation, Program Oral Interpretation, Extemporaneous Speaking, Impromptu Speaking, Declamation, and Original Oratory.

Meetings: Mondays at 2:50 p.m. - Additional practices throughout the week

Location: H202


Brother Andre Service Society

Moderator: Mrs. Connie Allerton ([email protected])

Grades: Open to students in grades 5-7

Club Description: The Brother Andre Service Society exists to promote among students in the grades 5, 6, and 7 a spirit and willingness to be of service to each other, to their school, and to the larger community.  Members believe that sharing one’s time and talents with others, even in the slightest manner, is a way of living out the Gospels. 

Meetings: A meeting schedule may be added later. 

Location: M108


Spanish Club

Moderator: Ms. Katie Elliot ([email protected])

Grades: Spanish Club is open to students in 8th-12th grades. 

Club Description:  The Spanish Club is geared towards students who would like opportunities to speak Spanish outside of the classroom as well as learn more about the Hispanic cultures. The purpose of the club is to promote further interest and an appreciation of the Spanish speaking countries, their language, and their customs.

Meetings: At least once a month during lunch

Location: M210


High School Quiz Bowl Team

Moderator: Mrs. Sasha Kreinik ([email protected])

Grades: Open to students in grades 8-12

Club Description: This is a Holy Cross sponsored competitive Quiz Bowl team. All students in grades 8-12 are invited to participate. Last year, the team placed highly at the Mount Carmel and other regional tournaments. We hope to repeat and go beyond this success. Come along and enjoy the camaraderie of a team keen on all information that's curious, out of the ordinary, and fun.

Meetings: Thursdays at 2:50 p.m. Starting Fall 2022

Location: M207


Holy Cross Center Stage

Moderator: Ms. Maria Baisier ([email protected])

Assistant Moderator: Mr. David Hanemann ([email protected] )

Grades: Holy Cross Center Stage is open to all 5th - 12th grade students

Club Description:  This is a Holy Cross sponsored theater club. Students learn to become at ease in front of people by playing theater games.  There are opportunities for improvisation, pantomime, duo scenes, monologues, and group speech.  Members also learn about backstage work such as costuming, props, set building, painting, and lighting.  Club members are encouraged to work in the shows mounted by the drama department.  If a club member signs on to act or work in a production, he will be expected to attend rehearsals set by the director.  Rehearsals are held from 3:00 to 5:00 P.M.  There are no weekend or nighttime rehearsals unless one cannot be avoided.

Meetings: Wednesdays,  2:45 to 3:30

Location: Watson Family Theater

Latin Club and Junior Classical League

Moderator: Mr. Tom Evison ([email protected])

Grades: 8-12

Description: The Junior Classical League has a rich history of promoting the Classics in the United States and aboard.  Our chapter here at Holy Cross focuses on the competitions that we attend around the city, with the potential for trips to the State Forum and National Forum. 

Meetings: The meetings will take place during 2nd lunch.

Location: A300


Middle School Quiz Bowl Team

Moderator: Mr. David Hanemann ([email protected])

Grades: Open to students in grades 5-7

Club Description: This is a Holy Cross sponsored competitive Quiz Bowl team for middle school students. Questions range from U.S History, World History, Science, Mathematics, Pop Culture, Music, Literary Terms, Mythological People or Creatures, Countries for Non-Capital Cities, U.S Presidential Firsts, Sports, World Geography, Brain Quests, Toss-Up Questions (random categories), Lightning Rounds, and Lagniappe Rounds. Teams compete against local schools through invitation from other Middle School Tournaments scheduled throughout the school year. Players compete against each other during meetings for good practice and form their own teams.  Team captains determine formation of teams.

Meetings: Mondays from 3-4 p.m.

Location: M103 


Mu Alpha Theta Mathematics Honor Society

Moderator: Ms. Melanie Fowler ([email protected])

Grades: Open to students in grades 9-12 who have completed two years of college preparatory mathematics, including algebra and/or geometry, and have completed or are enrolled in a third year of college preparatory mathematics. Students must hold a 3.0 math grade point average on a 4-point scale. 

Club Description: In the words of MAO founder Dr Richard V Andree: Mu Alpha Theta is "an organization dedicated to promoting scholarship in mathematics and establishing math as an integral part of high school and junior college education." In that spirit, Mu Alpha Theta members will participate in local and regional math competitions.

Meetings: Every four to six weeks or as needed depending on upcoming tournaments. 

Location: H105



Moderators: Mr. Dale Turner ([email protected]) and Mr. Brandon Petrie (5th-7th) ([email protected])

Grades: Open to students in grades 5-12

Club Description: Since 2005, Holy Cross has been educating young men in the field of robotics.  The school’s teams have won numerous state and regional awards with BEST (Building Engineering Science and Technology) Robotics, VEX Robotics, Mini-Urban Challenge, and VEXIQ Robotics.  Robotics helps the young men at Holy Cross School learn how to implement effective problem-solving skills in the areas of design, computer programming, and engineering while constructing robots to compete at state, regional and world levels.  Through these experiences our young men are choosing to prepare themselves for college and careers in the areas of science, mathematics, technology, and engineering. 

Meetings: Wednesdays from 2:45-4:30 (middle and high school) and Saturdays from 8:30-1:30 (high school), August through April.

Location: H103


Primary Robotics

Moderator: Mrs. Lisa Englert ([email protected] )

Description: Robotics will be an afterschool activity for 3rd and 4th grade students.  The boys will learn to build and program robots using the VEX Go! Kits.  The robotics team will be limited to 12 participants.  The first 12 applications will be accepted, and a waiting list will be created for any additional participants. 


Meetings: The Robotics team will meet once a week (Thursdays 3:20 – 4:15) September through April. 


Location: H103


Student Council/Student Government

Moderator: Mr. Eric Ferry ([email protected])

Grades:  5th - 12th 

Club Description: Student Council is involved in every aspect of student life through the promotion, creation and implementation of events such as dances, pep rallies, spirit posters to community charity drives, school décor, liaisons to administration and much more. Each grade is represented by a class president and vice president chosen by the class moderators alongside the elected student council.

Meetings: Every lunch period – mandatory meetings on Monday.

Location: Student Activities Office


TCAC – Tiger Cub Athletic Club

Moderator: Mrs. Michelle Willis ([email protected])


Grades: 5-8


Club Description: The purpose of the Tiger Cub Athletic Club (TCAC) is tied to the mission of Holy Cross to educate the whole man. TCAC is a sports activities club open to all students in grades 5-8. Students are given the opportunity to develop physical and social skills through friendly competition. No student is cut from any sport and rules of participation guarantee “fair play.” Student leadership is fostered by allowing students to form teams and to exercise strategies during competition. Participation and Sportsmanship are prime values encouraged by the program. TCAC sports are flag football, basketball and soccer.


Meetings: In season Monday – Friday; 3:00 – 4:30


Location: North Field or Student Center


National Honor Society and National Junior Honor Society


Moderator: Ms. Katelyn Aquilo ([email protected]) and Ms. Marie Plunkett ([email protected])




Club Description: The National Honor Society and National Junior Honor Society is a prestigious organization made up of students that exemplify outstanding accomplishments in the ideals of scholarship, leadership, service, character, and citizenship. NHS and NJHS members are invited and chosen by a selection committee before induction, must maintain a cumulative 3.5 GPA, and work to serve the school and community in various service projects.


Meetings: Every 6-8 weeks or as needed depending on upcoming events


Location: M205





Moderator: Mrs. Donna Enterante ([email protected])

Coach: Mr. Blake Hebert '15 


Grades: JV and Varsity Teams (Grades 5-12)


Club Description: The Holy Cross Lacrosse team is an athletic club team that competes against schools from around the greater New Orleans area and surrounding parishes in the sport. Lacrosse is a team sport where players try to get a rubber ball into a net or goal. Players use a long stick with a net on the end of it called a lacrosse stick. Players can run, carry, catch, shoot, and pass the ball with the net of the stick. 


Meetings: Practice schedule will be released before the season starts - late Fall semester


Location: Main campus  - North Field



Tigers for Christ ( Holy Cross’ Pro-Life/Social Justice Club)

Moderator: Ms. Donnamaria Kitchen ([email protected])

Club Description:

“Without Me, you can do nothing” (Jn. 15:5)

It is through “Tigers For Christ” that our students educate themselves on the ProLife Movement and Social Justice issues. Our organization facilitates the ability for our young men to put their faith into action. The culmination of our work reaches its peak each January, as students in grades 10 - 12 travel to Washington, D.C. in order to “March for Life.” This organization fosters a brotherhood between our students. The information which is shared with our young men allows them to stay strong in their faith, create bonds between fellow Tigers, and supports the belief that, “human rights begin, when human lives begin.”

Meeting Times and Locations:  First Thursday of each month (second lunch period) in M202.



Beach Volleyball Club

Moderator: Ms. Hannah Lanoux ([email protected])


Coach: Mr. Chip Catanese 96’ graduate


Grades: 9th-12th


Club Description: The Holy Cross Beach Volleyball Team is an athletic club that competes against high school teams located in the greater New Orleans area. This is a team sport played on a sand court by teams of two players verses two players that are divided by a net. The objective of the game is to send the ball over the net to hit the sand on their opponent's side of the court, while preventing the same thing from happening on their own side of the court in order to score the most points.


Meetings: Fall and Spring leagues – practices on Tuesday 4:30-6:00 and games on Wednesday from 4:30-6:00. 


Location: White Sands Beach Volleyball court in Elmwood



Moderator: Mrs. Annabelle Signorelli ([email protected])


Grades: 5th – 12th


Club Description: The Cross & Anchor is the Holy Cross Yearbook published and distributed to all students annually.  The Club works to capture the students’  most memorable and noteworthy achievements throughout the school year through photojournalism and recorded anecdotes. Experience is not necessary!  Creative thinking and a fun spirit are helpful! Shy, quiet, and introverted personalities are welcomed!  If you are artsy, we need you!

If you are a new student looking for a way to get involved, the Yearbook Club is your ticket!  If you are awkward, goofy, and need a place to fit in, you are perfect for us! If you are a cool dude with a knack for witty commentary and clever perspectives, don’t ignore us!  Join the Yearbook Club!


Meetings: FLEXIBLE! Monthly – before and after school as needed to discuss and delegate assignments


Location: Library



Chess Club


Moderator: Mr. James Rouselle (HC '74) contact: Eric Ferry ([email protected]


Grades: All Grades


Club DescriptionHC Chess Club welcomes all students interested in chess. Whether you know nothing about chess, are a beginner or you have already some experience, chess club is here to help you learn how to play chess, become a better player, and even compete. HC is very fortunate to have US Chess Federation Master and six-time Louisiana champion James Rousselle (HC ’74) as its mentor. James meets all players at their level and is happy to show them the next steps in their development. There is never a dull meeting as HC chess players come together, play, compete, and enjoy the games.


Meetings: Every Thursday after school

Location: H102


The Creative Writing Society


Moderator: Ms. Katelyn Aquilo ([email protected])


Club Description: A casual club focused on the pursuit of writing for pleasure; all kinds of writing are welcome whether it be fiction, nonfiction, playwriting, poetry etc. We will touch on it all. 


Meetings: Whenever C Period academic lab falls, we will meet. Students are to complete their SARA prep before coming to the meeting.


Location: M205


Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion

Moderator: Fr. Joe Moyer [email protected] 

Grades: Open to students in 12th Grade.

Club Description: Applications are accepted in the Spring semester of 11th grade year. Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion assure the orderly and reverent distribution of the Body and Blood of the Lord at community Liturgical Celebrations. Interested students should have a zeal for spiritual, theological, and practical understanding of their Catholic faith cultivation.

Meetings: All monthly school-wide liturgies and special functions

Location: Guidance Office


Altar Servers

Moderator: Fr. Joe Moyer [email protected]

Grades: Open to students in grades 5-12

Club Description: Calling upon students who are confident in their Catholic Faith, our altar serving team supports our chaplain and priests in preparation and execution of Liturgical Celebrations. While experience is preferred, training will be provided for those who are willing to learn.

Meetings: All monthly school-wide liturgies

Location: Guidance Office


Western Classics Club


Moderator: Mr. Eric Desormeaux ([email protected] )


Club Description:  The Western Classics Club will read and connect the dots between seminal western works and how they connect to contemporary society.  We will meet on Fridays after school, and we will try to get approval to meet in A301.


Meetings: Every Friday after school


Location: Principal's Office



Gamers Guild


Moderator: Mr. Brandon Pietri ([email protected]

Club Description: The Holy Cross Gamers Guild Club is a club focused primarily on the game Dungeons and Dragons, which is a turn-based RPG “board game” in which the players use creativity and imagination to form storylines and adventures.


 Meetings: Thursday for Middle School and Fridays for High School

 Location: Art Room


Holy Cross Martial Arts

Moderator: Mr. Thomas M. Heller, Shihan ‘87 ([email protected])

Grades:  K-12

Club Description: Fight with swords. Learn Self Defense. Acquire skills you can use for the rest of your life, not just when you are at HC. Open to ALL Holy Cross students from K-12 we teach the ancient art of Kenjutsu (Japanese Fencing), Kumite (Hand to Hand Fighting) and Kobudo (Weapons).  The Tiger Martial Art Team has over TEN USKA World Champions over the years and competes in Local, State, Regional, National and World Tournaments with unparalleled success. Tournaments are entirely optional, and no experience is necessary. The only two requirements are adherence to the Code of the Holy Cross Man and the Code of the Samurai, the Dojo Kun: Seek Perfection of Character, Be Faithful, Endeavor, Respect Others. Refrain from Violent Behavior! Contact Sensei Heller to become a Tiger Samurai Today!

Come to ANY practice to see if you like it.


Meetings: We have Holy Cross Martial Arts practice from 4:15-5 every Thursday all year.

Location: Practices are at the Shogun Dojo in Metairie. 5021 Fairfield St. Metairie, LA 70003. t. 504.982.1371



Welcome Diversity Club 

Moderator: Mr. Jason DuMouchel and Mrs. Rachel Kass ([email protected])

([email protected])

Grades:  5-12

Club Description:

The Diversity Club at Holy Cross is intended to celebrate and shed light on the growing diversity within and around the Holy Cross community.  Our goal is to bring people together to form a deeper understanding of all of our brothers and sisters within the HC community, our Catholic communities and indeed the broader diverse world around us.  We hope to engage everyone with discussion groups, art projects, writing projects and a general initiative to support and encourage diversity and the benefits it holds for us all.


Location: Art Room  


Fishing Club

Moderator: Mr. Spencer Davis ([email protected] )

Grades:  5-12

Club Description:

The Fishing Club is interested in all types of fishing such as bass, perch, trout, and more. The club is manly on-shore fishing; however, the goal of the club is to grow to to add boating excursions as well for fishing. 


Meetings: Lunch time (second lunch)

Location: Student Activities Office


Student Ambassador Team

Moderator: Victoria Parenti ([email protected])

Grades: 11th and 12th Grade

Club Description: A student ambassador has a genuine love and dedication to his school. An ambassador embodies the mission and purpose of Holy Cross School and represents the true meaning of what a Holy Cross Man is. He will demonstrate the spirit and pride of the student body by serving at all general school-related activities. He is selected to represent Holy Cross at Admission events such as Open House, Application Day, new student interviews, new student orientation, Tiger Tours, Family Day, fundraisers, and other campus events. An ambassador will also serve as a host for special Holy Cross events such as gala, banquets, and graduation. These students are expected to act as role models for other students as well as to prospective students both in and out of the classroom.

Selection Process: Students are eligible to apply for the Ambassador team in April of their sophomore and/or junior years. The selection process consists of a two-part process: 1- Students are required to complete an online student questionnaire.

2- Teachers will make recommendations based upon their interactions with students throughout their years at Holy Cross School. The overall quality of a candidate will be assessed based on the student’s profile (quality of their application, attendance and behavior records, and service to Holy Cross) as well as their teacher recommendations.


Meetings: 12:15pm- 2nd Tuesday of the month; additional meetings as needed

Location: Watson or Huddle


In Progress: More information coming soon!

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