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Student Parking

Click here for 2023-2024 Student Vehicle Registration.
Student Drivers
A student who drives a vehicle to school must register the vehicle with the director of transportation. All vehicles must be registered.
Motor Vehicles
Driving a motor vehicle to school is a privilege, and student drivers should be considerate of other drivers, neighbors, and pedestrians. Only students with a valid Louisiana driver’s license are allowed to drive to school.
A student who drives to school must register online at the beginning of each school year. If a student begins to drive to school later in the year, his car must be registered immediately.
Students may not park in any faculty/staff parking area.
Students are not allowed to remain in cars once they have arrived at school. Students are not permitted to go to their cars during the school day without the permission of the dean of men or the principal. Loud playing of vehicle radio/sound systems is not allowed on or around campus.
A student who violates the motor vehicle policy is subject to disciplinary action and may ultimately lose his driving privileges on campus. Illegal parking may also result in a vehicle being towed at the owner’s expense. A student driving a vehicle to school must register on line to receive a Holy Cross hang tag. Only cars with Holy Cross hang tags will be notified of any illegal parking. Failure to register the car may result in a major violation.
Student Parking
All students must register and purchase an official Holy Cross parking tag in order to park on campus. All cars are to be kept locked at all times. The school assumes no responsibility for missing or stolen items. The school reserves the right to search any student vehicle. Students are not to park in the designated faculty and staff lot at any time. Student parking outside of the student lot must park on Crescent St. adjacent to the school, football field, and baseball field. Students are not to park in front of a neighborhood residence at any time. Parking in front of a neighborhood residence house may result in a major violation.
Safe Driving
Students are expected to observe safe driving habits and respect all traffic laws. Any student found to be driving dangerously shall not be permitted to drive to school and may be suspended immediately for any seriously driving offense committed in route to or from school or any school-sponsored activity. Because of the school’s obligation to protect our children, any parent or guardian driving dangerously on or near school grounds, or to or from school or any school-related activity, may have his or her children suspended until the school is satisfied that this will not happen again.