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Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of Frequently Asked BYOD Questions. If you have additional questions please email [email protected].

BYOD Frequently Asked Questions


Is my son required to have a laptop for school?

Answer: Yes. The device will be used daily in class and for homework.

What are the minimum requirements for the laptop?

Answer: Click here for the minimum and recommended specifications for BYOD devices. 

What software are we required to have on the laptop/tablet?

Answer: A legal version of the Windows 10 64-bit operating system (or Mac OS X 10.8 or higher) and antivirus software must be installed on the computer. Students will be required to install one of the school’s free licenses for Microsoft Office. All software required (including Microsoft Office) will be installed during TechEd sessions in the summer.

What are the guidelines for students transporting/storing their devices?

Answer: Students are to store their laptop in their Holy Cross book bag when the laptop is not in use. The Holy The Holy Cross book bag is the only bag allowed on campus.


What happens if my son forgets his device at home?

Answer: The laptop is an instructional tool that will be required in the classroom, just as a textbook, pen, and paper are required for the classroom, and will be subject to the same disciplinary measures.

How will the student’s laptop activity be monitored at home?

Answer: Holy Cross monitors and controls student activity while at school. Ultimately, it is the responsibility of the parents to monitor their son’s activity at home.

Will my son be able to print at home?

Answer: Yes. Your son will have administrative rights to his own device and can install printer drivers as needed from home.

Can my son add stickers or labels to his device?

Answer: Students may not decorate, add stickers, etc. that could be considered offensive to others or that are not in accordance with the Catholic Church or the Holy Cross Man.

Who will repair the device if it breaks?

Answer: The parent(s) are responsible for the repairs of the device. We encourage families to consider obtaining insurance and an accidental damage warranty for the device. The Holy Cross technology office can only provide minimal troubleshooting assistance to students who are having problems connecting to the school’s wireless network. Holy Cross School does not provide any mechanical repairs to student owned devices. It is not the responsibility of the teachers or staff to troubleshoot devices during the school day.

Will my son be able to access his files from home?

Answer: Yes, your son will be able to access his files from anywhere that has an internet connection.


Is it required that my student use the school wireless network? Can they use their own 3G, 4G, 5G, LTE, or XLTE service?

Answer: The Holy Cross handbook states that all cellular and wireless capable devices must remain in the student’s locker during the school day. Any electronic or wireless communication device that is seen or heard will be confiscated and turned over to the dean of men, and the student will face disciplinary action.  Equipment will be returned only at a parent conference. This includes smart watches. For the safety and security of our students, they are only allowed to use the school’s wireless network when accessing the internet from their device. 

What if the device is lost or stolen?

Answer: Students bring electronic communication devices to school at their own risk, just like any other personal items. The school will not be held responsible if an electronic device or other item is lost, stolen or misplaced. Some devices have a device locator; it is recommended that you enable this feature if possible.

If a device runs out of power, can it be charged at school?

Answer: The school expects all student devices to be fully charged when brought to school. Charging personal devices at school is not allowed.

Do we have to buy the device from the school website?

Answer: No. You can purchase the device from any retailer. Those listed on the website are only suggestions and are not serviced or repaired by Holy Cross.

Are loaners available?

Answer: When personal computers are broken and need repair, loaner laptops are available under certain conditions:

  • Parents/students must present proof that the personal computer is currently in repair before a loaner is issued
  • Loaner laptops are only loaned before school and during school-scheduled breaks as students will not be allowed to miss class instruction to borrow a loaner laptop.
  • Loaner laptops must be returned by the end of the school day, unless approval from the Dean of Boys or Men has been given for the loaner laptop to be taken home.
  • Failure to return loaner laptops at the end of the school day or time noted by the appropriate Dean of Boys or Men will result in a per day charge of $25/day of delinquency and charged to the student’s SMART tuition account.
  • Loaners must only be used for school-related work and must be connected to the Holy Cross WIFI at all times
  • Parents are responsible for all damages to the loaner laptop.