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Board of Directors

The purpose of the board is to hold in trust the school's mission for the Brothers of Holy Cross and to govern the school in such a way that it continues to serve those for which the mission is intended. Board members must adhere to their role of visioning, governing, planning and setting policy. Board members are not involved in the daily operation of the school nor the employment of faculty and staff. The most important role of a board is to make policies that ensure the school is administered legally, ethically, efficiently and effectively.


Board of Directors, 2023-2024

Executive Board Members

Raymond Lepine '77 Chair

Remy Donnelly '95 Vice Chair 

Joseph Barreca '94 Past Chair

Dennis Robichaux '90 Secretary

Clarence Barrios '94, Treasurer

Keith Quick '77, At Large

Kurt Evans '74, At Large

Franklin D. Beahm, Board Counsel


Board Members

Stephen Breaux ’94

Karl Scheuermann’77

Father Doug Busch ’75

Cynthia Thomas

Roy Cantrelle ’92

*Brother David Turmel, C.S.C.

*Sister Ann Lacour, MSC

*Richard Watson’66

Neil Ponstein ’99

Stephen Watson


Non-voting members
Teresa Billings
Eric L. DesOrmeaux ’95


*Provincial Appointment