Teacher Spotlight: Rebecca Hrapmann Velez, Kindergarten Teacher

Where did you go to college? What is your degree(s) or field of study?

University of Texas at San Antonio, Bachelor of Business Administration

Early Childhood Teacher Certificate, Pre-K – 3rd Grade

What is the most interesting part of your job?

The most interesting part of my job is observing the progression my students make throughout the year. In the beginning of Kindergarten, we learn all about our letters and numbers. We learn the sounds they make, how to write them, capital letters verses lowercase letters, and what each number represents. At the end of Kindergarten, we are reading books, writing sentences, and solving addition problems! The Kindergarten transformation is my favorite part of the job!

How long have you been working for Holy Cross School?

This is my second year teaching at Holy Cross; however, it feels like I have been here forever. This is truly the best job I’ve ever had!

What is one thing that you think makes Holy Cross School a special place?

Holy Cross is a special place to me because it has been a part of my family my entire life. My family roots to Holy Cross School stretch back to 1938, when my Grandfather, William Hrapmann, attended Holy Cross High School. He began our Holy Cross family legacy and I’m proud to be part of continuing that legacy.

Tell us about your favorite memory from your time teaching at Holy Cross School?

This year during our first Explorations Day, our early childhood and lower school students participated in an afternoon retreat of prayer and reflection with our seventh grade and senior brothers. This was a special moment to witness our youngest Tigers and our oldest Tigers sharing and reflecting together. The boys ended the afternoon with a big game of “Sharks and Minnows.” It was awesome to watch our school come together on this beautiful day. These moments are what makes Holy Cross so unique and special.

Tell us about your teaching philosophy.

I want my Kindergarten boys to feel comfortable to be themselves in our classroom. Every day at school, I encourage their individuality and creativity. I want them to learn to love being at school! I challenge them to take ownership of their learning throughout both their academic time and their discovery play time. I motivate them to treat others like a true Holy Cross Man would. Our class is a Kindergarten Family and we are made up of 19 brothers who love each other.

I couldn’t do this job without my amazing assistant teacher, Natalie Adams. We hold our class to very high expectations and encourage them to work hard every single day. And just like Drew Brees told his sons, “You can accomplish anything in life if you are willing to work for it.”

We believe the most important lesson the boys can learn from us is how to work hard and persevere when work is difficult.