Fourth Grade Hosts Cultural Food Fest

After learning how to read maps and pinpoint locations on the globe, the fourth grade decided to dive deeper and learn about the world’s cultures. To learn about a wide array of places, each student chose a country to give present. To select their countries, most of the students opted to close their eyes, spin the globe, and point.

We learned about many different languages, religions, locations, currencies, landmarks, and cuisines. To get a first-hand experience of these cultures, the Elysian Fields’ campus held their first ever Cultural Food Fest. The fourth graders prepared a food dish unique to their country and presented it to the third grade.

With their passports in hand, the boys were able to try a variety of tastes including sushi from Japan, sauerkraut from Russia, couscous from Morocco, brigadeiro from Brazil, and so much more. Surprisingly, the boys loved trying all of the diverse foods and even came back for more! The event was a huge success, and we are already looking forward to doing this again next year.

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