Faculty Spotlight: David Hanemann

Faculty Spotlight: David Hanemann, Middle School Religion Teacher (5th & 6th); Drama Assistant Director; Middle School Quiz Bowl Moderator

Where did you go to college? What is your degree(s) or field of study?

Southeastern Louisiana University; Middle School Language Arts, Middle School Social Studies, and Basic Certification in Middle School Religion

What is the most interesting part of your job?

I enjoy participating in the school Pep Rallies, being the Jester in the Senior Parade, helping faculty/staff Members in need, and watching the young minds grow during lectures.  I also like working with my fellow colleagues.

How long have you been working for Holy Cross School?

This is my seventh year.

What is one thing that you think makes Holy Cross School a special place?

The school focuses on The Holy Cross Man and the word “FAMILY.”  Our school cares about the students; the guidance office keeps a close eye, as well as the teachers, on all of our students.

Tell us about your favorite memory from your time teaching at Holy Cross School?

There are so many, but I definitely have THREE good ones to talk about: (1) When I was asked to be in the school’s Drama presentation of “1776;” (2) The “HANEMANN” Chant at Pep-Rallies; (3) When the faculty were allowed to dress up one year for Halloween—I dressed up as a Jesuit student…because…well…that’s all I’m going to say about that.

Tell us about your teaching philosophy.

After attending many teacher workshops, I have focused on this one: “Never Leave a Student Behind.”  All teachers know about this, and it is a true statement—a true factor.  So, whether I am teaching religion or social studies, I always make my best effort to get the material to the students and make sure they fully understand the material being given.  If I see a student starting to give up, I offer as much assistance as I can—I don’t let the student quit.

When it comes to moderating the Middle School Quiz Bowl Team, I encourage students to join because the material they are hearing in their other classes—well, it could turn them into the next Jeopardy! Contestant.

I care about every student who enters my classroom. Moreover, I care about them walking across the stage at graduation, knowing that I have made a major difference in their life, whether it’s teaching them about the Sacraments or talking about the Civil War.