Primary Students Learn about Call to be "Fishers of Men"

Friendship! Brotherhood! Comradery! These three things can be considered a part of the foundation that is the Holy Cross Man. Our primary students have been doing a wonderful job learning about these characteristics.

In religion class, we related our own friendships with those that Jesus had with his twelve best friends, the Apostles. From Pre-K to 4th grade, the young men were able to identify names of the Apostles as well as some of their defining characteristics. All of our activities centered around not only Jesus’ call to be “Fishers of Men,” but also how we can answer that call both at home and at school.

Last Friday’s prayer service recalled the lesson of the week. The 4th graders led the prayer service with Jesus’ words from the Gospel of John, “I no longer call you servants, but I call you friends.” How great is it to be a friend of Jesus! As always, we ended our week with friendship and brotherhood as we stood together to sing our school alma mater.