Tiger Football and Alumni

Football Alums, 

I have two exciting opportunities that will have you and our team amped up and ready for this upcoming football season. Both opportunities will require your assistance, and I promise you won’t want to miss either. They will be held annually, so you will have many chances to participate and experience being a high school football player all over again. Each of these opportunities can leave a legacy on the program and the lives of our young players. I encourage you to participate in both. 


First—the football program wants to extend an invitation to all football alumni to come back and be a part of football practice. Each week, alumni from designated decades will have full access to the practices leading up to our Friday night game. For example, during week 1, Holy Cross New Orleans vs. Holy Cross San Antonio, we invite all members of the classes from 40- ‘49 to come and watch our team practice during that week. You will be able to listen to the Head Coach’s message, shadow a position coach, be a part of team breakdowns, watch up close for all of practice, and speak to the team after practice. You will have full, exclusive access to our practices. Our on-campus practice times are from 3:15 p.m. – 6:15 p.m. on Monday – Tuesday and 3:15 p.m. – 4:55 p.m. on Wednesday 


Your presence means the world to our players and coaches, so please come by and see us, even if it’s only for a few minutes! 

Week 1 – Holy Cross San Antonio 

‘40 – ‘49   

Week 2 – De La Salle 

‘50’ – ‘59 

Week 3 – Chalmette 

‘60 – ‘69 

Week 4 – Rummel 

‘70 – ‘79  

Week 5 – Curtis 

‘80 – ‘89 

Week 6 – St. Augustine 

‘90 – ‘99  

Week 7 – Brother Martin 

‘00 – ‘09 

Week 8 – Karr 

‘10 – ‘15  

Week 9 – Jesuit  

‘16 – ‘20  

Week 10 – East St. John 

21 – ‘23 


Second—the football program is requesting that you write a letter to the young man who is wearing the jersey number you wore in high school. For example, as a player at Holy Cross, I wore number 41, so I would write a letter to John Tiger who is wearing 41 for this upcoming season. The letter will be given to our players before their week 1 match-up. The letter will encourage and inspire the young man to take pride in his school and the number he will represent on Friday nights. There are no requirements for how the letter is written other than that it contains your positive influence. Imagine a 9th grader receiving four letters from you over his high school career. You would have a profound impact on that young man’s future. 


I believe wholeheartedly in these two opportunities, but to be successful, they require your assistance, presence, and time. We hope you will consider joining us to support Tiger Football! 


Please look out for future emails to sign up for these letters and for updates about Tiger Football! 



Coach Scott Wattigny  

Head Football Coach 

Holy Cross School