Holy Cross Advanced Placement Instructors Enhance Teaching Expertise at the Annual AP Conference in Seattle

Holy Cross New Orleans, is proud to announce the participation of its esteemed Advanced Placement (AP) instructors at the Annual AP Conference held in Seattle, Washington. The conference served as a platform for our educators to enrich their teaching practices and explore innovative approaches to education, ultimately benefiting our students' overall learning experience.
During the conference, our dedicated instructors, Michael Arvites, Katelyn Aquilo, Anne Chabreck, Catherine Cooper, Katie Elliott, and Marie Clare Plunkett, engaged in a series of intensive sessions tailored to their respective subject matters. By attending these specialized sessions, they honed their expertise and gained fresh insights to foster enhanced learning environments in their AP classrooms.
The event also provided a unique opportunity for our educators to interact and collaborate with teachers from across the country. Sharing best practices, ideas for cross-curricular opportunities, and effective instructional methods, our instructors actively contributed to the advancement of teaching standards on a national scale.
At Holy Cross, we firmly believe that continuous improvement is paramount to providing an exceptional education. By attending conferences like the Annual AP Conference, they equip themselves with the latest teaching methodologies, ensuring an enriched and dynamic learning environment for our students. We are committed to empowering our instructors with the tools and knowledge they need to cultivate a passion for learning among our students. Opportunities like these empower our teachers to continue our mission of educating the whole man: Mind and Body, Heart and Soul.
Holy Cross School is an independent, Catholic, college preparatory school founded in 1849 by the Congregation of Holy Cross to educate young men in the greater New Orleans community. Holy Cross is fully approved by the Louisiana State Department of Education and is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools as a college preparatory school for boys in grades PK-12.