Father’s Day 2023

“Fatherhood extends to every man, woman, and child on earth. 

A father is God’s representative to his children; he must love them with God’s love,

and show them God’s goodness.”      -Pope John Paul II


Dear Holy Cross Family,

I wish to take this opportunity personally to wish all fathers a blessèd, happy and wonderful Father’s Day, and to share the following thoughts and prayers with you.

One of the early seals of the Church has Joseph leading the child Jesus by the hand.  Joseph holds high a lily symbolizing his singleness of purpose in life, to care for his son. The child Jesus holds Joseph’s hand for it is the strength and care of Joseph that leads the child to depend on him for guidance and protection.

Saint Joseph is the model of a husband and a father.  May Saint Joseph, the Patron Saint of the Holy Cross Brothers, be a source of love, inspiration and peace to you and your family. May he guide you, stay always beside you and answer each prayer that you say.

Let us pray to Saint Joseph so that all father’s, in gratitude for the gift of fatherhood, will be a sign of the heavenly Father's tenderness for every human life.

Spes Unica,


William J. Gallagher




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