Faculty and Staff Spotlight: Thomas Heller


Thomas Heller


Teacher, Karate Coach

Years at HC?


Do you have an affiliation with Holy Cross?

I was born a Tiger. My Father came here, my Uncle graduated from HC and returned as a teacher for 40 years 20 of which I got to teach with him. My brother came here. Both of my wife's brothers came here. I met my wife at a Holy Cross dance in the old gym and proposed to her under the gazebo over a decade later. Both my daughters were baptized by Fr. Joe in the Holy Cross Chapel.

What led you to teaching/working in a school?

I believe it is my calling to return to the school that is my Family.

How do you normally spend your summer breaks?

Historical Travel, Scuba Diving, Snorkeling, Live Music, Kayaking, Sailing, Hiking, Biking, Reading

What are your interests?

Martial Arts, History, Literature, Audio (Home Theater systems, car audio. etc), Cooking, Hard Rock, Jazz ,Classical Music

Are you actively involved in anything outside of school?

Teaching self-defense to military, police, women, and victims of violent crime.

If you were trapped on a desert island, what coworker would you want there to keep you company?

All of them. We would find out who could work as a team to survive.

What is your favorite food?

I greatly appreciate fine dining, my favorites would be Asian & Italian. In addition, I am a connoisseur of pizza. Currently the best pizza is to be found at the Crazy Italian in Lakeview. The family is originally from New york and the chef's son is an HC grad.

What is the most satisfying thing about working with students?

Two alumni, Mr. Williams and Mr. Dwelle recently returned to tell my sophomores to do my outlines because they are succeeding in college in part because of their work in my class at HC. 

What is your professional motto?

"There is only one enemy and that enemy is yourself. Once you overcome yourself, anything is possible."