Faculty and Staff Spotlight: Marie Plunkett

Marie Plunkett

Middle School Latin Teacher

Years at HC?
1 (this is my second year)

Do you have an affiliation with Holy Cross?
I didn't think I did, but after I re-posted a Speech and Debate Facebook post (everyone should follow them on Facebook!), my mom's cousin reached out to tell me that all of the men in the Zimmerman family attend Holy Cross AND he wrote a book about his experience at Holy Cross and the rebuilding of HC after Holy Cross (there's a copy in the HC Library!)

What led you to teaching/working in a school?
I fell in love with the Latin language when I was in seventh grade and I had the most incredible Latin teacher in High School who made me want to pass along the traditions and love of the language and culture

How do you normally spend your summer breaks?
Working, hiking, baking

What are your interests?
I love baking, painting, reading, translating Greek and Latin, and studying new languages/cultures

Are you actively involved in anything outside of school?
I am an active member of the Senior Classical League and the American Classical League

If you were trapped on a desert island, what coworker would you want there to keep you company?
For good vibes, I would choose Ms. Aquilo, but if I were going to choose someone strategic to get us off of the desert island, I would probably choose Mr. Benoit.

What is your favorite food?
I don't have a single favorite food, but coffee is probably the "food" I consume the most of

What is the most satisfying thing about working with students?
Building rapport and relationships with your students and then watching them succeed us one of the coolest feelings in the world!

What is your professional motto?
Choose kindness.