Faculty-Staff Funded Student Scholarship Awards Announced

Our Holy Cross faculty and staff are committed to our mission of educating the whole man: mind and heart, body and soul. With their dedication to the students and their education, they personally funded the 2023-24 Faculty-Staff Student Scholarship Award. Over $11,000 was collected from the faculty, staff, and a generous alumnus who offered a matching gift.  This will be divided among the winners who were announced this morning.  
Their contributions will allow these three students to receive a tuition discount for the upcoming school year. The three scholarships were chosen to be given at transition years for students moving into their next phase of Holy Cross Education.  Students were nominated by faculty and staff who also voted on the finalists’ essays as part of the criteria for the award. 
Topics for the essay included “Write about the best day or the best experience you have had at Holy Cross,” “Explain how Holy Cross guides your day-to-day life, your relationships with family and friends, and your decisions,” and “How do you believe the lessons you have learned at Holy Cross will shape your future, your contributions to the community, and your spiritual life?”  
Thank you to the several students who turned in well-written, compelling essays that were enjoyed by all our team. Congratulations to the pictured winners! Good luck in your next chapter at Holy Cross!
Rising 4th Grader Taylor Ashby ‘31
Rising 8th Grader Taylor Lopiccolo ‘28
Rising Senior Aaron Guichard ‘24