Council for a Change

By: Connor Helmke '21

Every year at Holy Cross, there are elections to determine student council positions for the following school year. This year, there are a variety of seniors that are dedicating their time and effort to improve the school year and make it more fun for the student body to understand the message of family. Even with the current challenges of the pandemic, the seniors on student council have made a heavy impact on this school year, especially student body president, Charles Sauerwin. Charles said that, “I want to improve the culture and the community of Holy Cross and make people feel they are a part of something bigger than themselves. I want them to feel a part of a family.” One of Sauerwin’s focuses for this year was Rivalry week and making it better than it has been in previous years despite the obstacle that the pandemic serves. Sauerwin has showcased his ideas and goals with his fellow councilmen, and they were all on board to fulfilling that mission.  

In addition to Rivalry week, student council has hosted fun activities during lunch to hype up the upcoming football games while simultaneously working on increasing the bonds we have among one another. Head of Student activities, Mr. Ferry, who helps student council achieve the goals they set says, “I think they’re doing awesome! I think they have stepped up with all things considered. I think we have overcome all obstacles that have been thrown at us.” Ferry wants one hundred percent more spirited involvement from everyone, which means the student body, faculty, and other members of the Holy Cross community will be getting involved in some way, shape, or form. There is still much of the school year to go, so hopefully student council keeps up the good work and fulfills their goals for the rest of the school year.