How HC Handles Covid-19 - Written by Senior, Gavyn O'Connor

By: Gavyn O’Connor, '21

As the Holy Cross family enters the new school year, there is a new daunting task upon us all. Covid-19 originally took us out of school last year and forced us into our homes in early March. Nowwe are faced with many obstacles at school that we are not used to as faculty and students. 

Taking extreme measures to be in school are such things like hand sanitizer stations in every main entrance of a building or the rapid temperature checks every time students switch into new classes. We also have spaced out desks in classrooms only allowing 24 students to a classroom as well as staggering dismissal times to keep everyone separated and protected. With this, we talked to administrative faculty and staff members that handle this obstacle head on to get their thoughts and opinions.

Mr. Phillip White, Dean of Men, said, “I am confident in saying that the Holy Cross administrative team has done a superb job of preparing for the 2020-2021 school year. Amid the constantly changing restrictions and guidelines from the Louisiana Department of Health and CDC, the preparations for creating a safe school environment had to change as well. The successful start to the school year can be attributed to the hard work of every part of the Holy Cross community: facultystaffadministrationoperations, as well as students and parents”. 

Mr. Trey Guillot, the Director of Admissions, said, “The Holy Cross Administration is doing well as expected. Anytime we must do something different it takes some getting used too. The administration and students have done a great job dealing with protocols. 

Everyone at Holy Cross has been going through the struggle but advancing past adversities. This 2020 - 2021 school year will be a very promising year for all of the Holy Cross family because we strive on to live Father Basil Moreau’s vision, to educate the mind but not at expense of the heart. 

Thanks to the Holy Cross Administration and their extreme effort put into the new safety measures, we can carry this mission out safely.