A Message to the Class of 2021 from Headmaster Sean Martin

That is a 1991 "throwback" yearbook picture of Sean Martin, Holy Cross Headmaster! Below is a special message that he presented to the Class of 2021 the night they received their rings.
"What does it mean to be a Holy Cross Man?
We are loyal.
We live by faith.
We are honest.
We are a friend of all.
We are respectful.
We believe in God and Country.
We practice a brotherhood that is unbreakable.
We know our purpose in life is provided by God - and a Holy Cross Man will always fulfill his purpose.
“Building Respect” is this year’s theme and at this time in our lives – Holy Cross men must lead by example.
While this is your last year at Holy Cross, it is your MOST important one. You are now the leaders of our school. Your Holy Cross brothers are now looking up to you as role models.
Live each day as a Holy Cross Man building respect within our community and our nation.
As a proud graduate of Holy Cross, I can tell you that your connection to this school and to each other is something that will last a lifetime. Cherish each day throughout your Senior year and may the meaning of the “Holy Cross Man” be at the center of all that you do. I love each of you.
We are HC!"