15 Year Anniversary of Hurricane Katrina

Holy Cross Faculty & Staff who were present during Katrina (some who were students at the time) gathered together for prayer and remembrance of the 15th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina.
In 1849, five Brothers of the Congregation of Holy Cross under the leadership of Brother Vincent Pieau arrived in New Orleans, Louisiana, from Notre Dame, Indiana. Along with three Marianites of Holy Cross, they were to take over St. Mary's Orphanage, an institution for boys of the Archdiocese of New Orleans. Their work was marked by difficulties, including illness and death from the tropical diseases of the area. During that time of crisis, Fr. Moreau wrote to the community that “Holy Cross New Orleans will be a place of great blessing.”
In 2005, Hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans and our 9th ward campus. In September of 2005, Holy Cross reopened in Baton Rouge with 178 students, and we continued to educate minds and form hearts. In November of 2005, the campus moved to Cabrini High School with 345 students, and we continued to build respect. In January of 2006, the campus returned to 4950 Dauphine in trailers with 460 students, and we were family. In August 2007, the campus relocated to 5500 Paris Avenue, and we found community. In 2015, the Holy Cross family grew to include PK-4th grade students at our 5601 Elysian Fields campus, and we brought hope.
On this anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, we embrace Fr. Moreau’s words, “Holy Cross New Orleans will be a place of great blessing.”
Through our commitment to education, prayer, family, and service, we will always be Holy Cross.