Immersion Experience Provides Life-Changing Perspective

This month, six members of our senior class participated in our annual Immersion service-learning trip to San Antonio, Texas, where they served our brothers and sisters who are experiencing homelessness and those who are marginalized.


They also traveled to Austin, Texas, where they volunteered at Casa Marianella, a safe haven for displaced immigrants. While at Casa they heard the stories of individuals who are here seeking asylum and learned first-hand about the immigration process. The group also had a great visit with the Brothers of Holy Cross and the students of Holy Cross School of San Antonio.


Below are reflections from our young men about what they experienced on the immersion trip.

“We did really good and honest work, and it made you feel good about yourself while changing your perspective on real world issues. Immersion is a life-changing experience that gets you on the ground of the situation rather than hearing from a news outlet.” - Bradley Brown

“The immersion trip to San Antonio was a life-inspiring event. I use ‘life-inspiring’ because I gained a greater appreciation for my life and those around me. I also feel as if my capacity for empathy has evolved. I understand that the world is a grim, dark place where cruelty is in abundance. So, I want to ease that struggle for those less fortunate than me. I believe everyone should visit with the disadvantaged because it is evident, they are people looking for a hand up. These people do not want fish, they want someone to teach them how to fish. I feel that a lot of suffering and greater human understanding could be achieved if more people went on a journey like this one.”  - Colby Brown

“It taught me that we have only begun to tap into the great potential of humanity.” - Mason Meeks

“The immersion trip showed me the problems with our society and has inspired me to step up and fill the roles needed to help others.” - Merrick Murchison

“The immersion trip was a life-changing event; it has allowed me to be more aware of the marginalized members of society.” Nicholas Somme

“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.” - Mathieu Cruz

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