Holy Cross Hosts VEX IQ Robotics Tournament

Last weekend Holy Cross hosted a VEX IQ Robotics Tournament for schools from around the state, including the Holy Cross Elementary and Middle School Robotics Team, the Robotigers.

VEX IQ is a robotics competition geared toward elementary and middle school students. Teams design and program a robot to perform specific tasks in order to score points. During competition, teams are randomly paired with other teams to perform these tasks together during multiple 60-second rounds. This process instills the importance of teamwork and communication with not only your own team members, but also with members from other schools as well. The VEX IQ is the precursor to our high school robotics program VEX VRC. 

The Holy Cross Robotigers is currently open to students in grades 3-7. Coach Dale Turner serves as the robotics director and is assisted by Ms. Claire Brown, Mrs. Molly Whittington, and Mrs. Lisa Englert. This year the team is comprised of 29 students who meet every Wednesday after school until 4:15. The robotics season begins in September and runs through February. Interested students are encouraged to come see what the team is all about and join us next year when we kick off a new season. 

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