Latin Students Receive Honors for National Latin Exam

Congratulations to our middle and high school Latin students for their outstanding performance on the National Latin Exam. 

The following students received honors:

7th Grade: Intro to Latin Exam

Wyatt Audler- Certificate of Merit

Jeffrey Fabacher- Certificate of Merit

Alec Lanning- Certificate of Merit

Blade Schneider- Certificate of Merit

Latin I

Brody Calamusa- Cum laude

Garrett Cantrelle- Cum laude

Nate Hebert- Magna cum laude

Latin II

Henry Hebert- Gold Medal, Summa cum laude

Ethan Carney- Silver Medal, Maxima cum laude

Ashton Castro- Magna cum laude

Cole Baiamonte- Cum laude

Latin III

Zaire Rouege – Cum laude

Tahj Johnson – Summa cum laude