Kindergarten Explores Entergy Airport Hangar and NOFD Airport Firehouse

Our kindergarten students had a fun-filled day visiting the Entergy Airport Hangar and the NOFD Airport Firehouse, where they met three pilots and a drone mechanic who gave them a quick safety briefing and taught our students all about their jobs.

They toured Entergy’s brand new eight-seater plane and watched a hands-on drone demonstration. The tour also included a peek at Mrs. Benson’s private jet and the boys got to have their snacks in the pilot lunchroom.

The next part of the tour included a visit to the NOFD Firehouse, where our students toured the facility, met the Chief of the Firehouse, and learned all about the gear firefighters wear. The highlight of the firehouse tour was when the students got to climb into the firetruck and got to spray the water!

This was an amazing field trip and and we thank Mr. Jeff Strahan for helping us organize such an awesome day!

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