AP Government Students Debate Supreme Court Cases for Panel of Distinguished Judges

Our AP Government class has been debating the modern-day significance of the 15 Supreme Court cases that will be tested on the AP exam.  

The final debate was held this week in the Watson Family Theater, and we had the pleasure of welcoming five guests to serve as judges: 

  • The Honorable Fredericka Homberg Wicker, Judge Louisiana Fifth Circuit;
  • The Honorable June Berry Darensburg, Judge, 24th Judicial District Court, Parish of Jefferson;
  • The Honorable Joseph Giarrusso, Councilman, District A, City of New Orleans;
  • Robert A. Garda, Jr. Fanny Edith Winn Distinguished Professor of Law, Loyola College of Law
  • Anthony M. Williams, Partner, Kean Miller, LLP

We congratulate the team of Zion Rouege and Austin Wyman for being named the winners of the debate, and give our thanks and appreciation to our guest judges who took time from their schedules to participate and share their insight with our students. Our judges had very complimentary reviews of our students and their performance in the debate.

Photo Gallery: