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Request Transcript

If you have a change to your demographics, (example, address, phone or email address change) please Email the changes to the Registrar .

Release of Grades, Reports, Records, and Transcripts

In accordance with the Privacy Act, transcripts and student records can only be released at the written request of a student or graduate, or parent or guardian of the student or graduate.

*A transcript request form is available in the registrar's office. Students currently enrolled at Holy Cross School are not charged for the first four transcripts issued; all other transcripts cost $5 each. The registrar normally sends transcripts within two working days of receiving the request and the fee.

Occasionally, the school receives requests from non-custodial parents to be sent copies of grades, reports, and transcripts. It is the school's practice to honor all such requests unless the custodial parent has supplied the school with a copy of a court order that specifically bars sending such materials to the non-custodial parent. If such an order or any other legal restriction exists, it is the custodial parent's responsibility to submit a copy thereof to the registrar and to the middle school or high school office.

Transcript Request Form