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The Bulletin

The Bulletin has been the student-run publication of Holy Cross School since 1928.  Over the years, The Bulletin has served as a magazine, yearbook, and in 1962, it evolved into an award-winning newspaper.

In years past, The Bulletin was printed every six weeks, but now is exclusively online.  This allows us to do something once thought impossible; we can now have a student newspaper updated with fresh, relevant content whenever the news happens.

To that end, it is the goal of The Bulletin and its staff to produce the best content possible, while still staying fresh, relevant, and up to date, to keep the Holy Cross Family both informed and entertained to further strengthen our spirit as a community, to serve as a mirror by which the Holy Cross Family can view itself.

It is our goal to best represent the Holy Cross Man when we strive to assure that our readers "shall not be ignorant of anything they should know."  To accomplish this the staff of The Bulletin will make a considerable effort to cover all aspects of the school, its Heart, Mind, Body, and Soul.

The opinions expressed herein are those of the student staff members and not necessarily of the administration.  Articles posted to The Bulletin and its feed are written by students enrolled in Holy Cross Journalism classes.

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