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Life Skills Programs

At Holy Cross School we believe in the importance of educating the whole person. Special time is designated during the school year to focus on important Life Skills including conflict resolution (bullying), anger management, peer pressure, goal setting, and drug & alcohol prevention. All students participate in these programs which are designed to be age appropriate. Along with classroom presentations and individual counseling we also participate in the following programs:

Sudden Impact

A program for Sophomores that focuses on the consequences of impaired driving. This is an all day program that is held at the LSU/Trauma Center in New Orleans.

Teen Life Counts

A program for Freshman that focuses on teen suicide prevention. This program is presented by Jewish Family Services at Holy Cross.

Drugs & Alcohol

Holy Cross addresses drug and alcohol use through a multi-modal program that attempts to educate the students by informing them of the physiological and psychological dangers that can come with both legal and illicit drug use. Students are exposed to this information through Guidance Lessons conducted by the counselors, immersive off-campus field trips, grade level retreats, and individual sessions with counselors on an as-need basis. The counselors attempt to address not only the dangers and addictive properties of drug and alcohol use, but also the associated peer-pressures that go along with exposure to drug use in the context of students’ social interactions. Special attention is also paid to the unique cultural environment of New Orleans and how that may affect the way that students, families, and peers view alcohol and drug use.