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Alumni Lead Essential Skills of Refined Gentlemen

Dr. Glenn Dubroc '82
Presented October 5, 2022

A group of Holy Cross School seniors are benefitting from the wisdom of their elders through a seminar series based on the essential skills for a “Refined Gentleman.”  This week’s presentation was delivered by Dr. Glenn Dubroc ’82.  As part of Headmaster Gallagher’s vision of the school year’s theme for developing refined gentlemen, Dr. Dubroc shared some key strategies for money management.  He captured the students’ attention with personal stories of successes and failures through his younger years and offered valuable advice on why it is important to make a plan now for becoming financially independent.  “Time is your greatest asset,” he explained. “The time to start saving is now!  Don’t make the mistake of thinking that saving money is for old people!”  He encouraged the students to find ways to avoid student loan debt, create a budget, and discipline themselves in regard to “needs vs. wants.” The students lingered afterward, asking questions such as, “How do you know how much to save?”  Dubroc emphasized the idea of paying yourself first. “Your savings should not be what is left over at the end of the month. Pay your bills, pay for necessities and pay yourself (put money into savings) first.  The leftover money is what you use for concert tickets, video games, and other wants.”