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Endowment Giving

The term “endowment” is used to describe funds that are set aside for the long-term benefit of the School. For a family, it might be called a savings or investment account. The rising costs of education challenges the School to keep tuition at levels which are affordable, while at the same time expanding funds to attract the best and brightest students and teachers to the School. Our answer to these financial challenges is to focus on the long term. By building a strong financial base we can secure the future of Holy Cross by increasing the size of the School’s endowment. A percentage of endowment income is used each year within the general operating budget unless restricted for a particular purpose.

All of the School’s endowment funds are managed together by professional, outside advisors. An investment committee of volunteers oversees the professional advisors for the endowment, and the Board of Directors establishes the policies that relate to it. The School’s endowment has grown by gifts from families and friends and strong investment growth. There are a number of funds that have been established to honor family and friends. Ongoing gifts to the endowment are essential to secure the School for the future.