Class of '72 - Endowment

”Gentlemen, you are now at the Third Stage of your lives, the stage where you have acquired wisdom. That wisdom comes with a duty to give back — to future generations, and to Holy Cross.”

  •       Bobby Massett, HC ’55, to the Class of 1972 May 21, 2022


Dear Classmates,

Those words from Father Bob Massett at our Golden Baccalaureate Mass continue to echo in the hearts and minds of all who attended our Golden Reunion Weekend. They immediately inspired several of us to launch the Class of 1972 Endowed Scholarship at Holy Cross, to make the wonderful education that we received available to deserving young men in the future.

Several of our classmates and teachers have already donated thousands of dollars toward the $50,000 goal that Pat Robert proposed after the Mass. In fact, our beloved English teacher, Linda Plavidal, and her husband Dr. Ferd Plavidal generously donated $2,700 in memory of our 27 departed classmates. Others have expressed similar sentiments:

Hard to believe 50 years have passed! Very much want to “Give Back to HC!”  Let’s do it NOW. All the best. Again, thank you, Pat, for making this happen! — Brian Chamberlain

The reunion meant so much to me. … Kindly let us know when everything is set up so we can start donating. — Harold Katner, M.D.

I have already sent a check for $500 to Holy Cross and promised at least another $500 for the Class of 1972 Scholarship. I hope that after the weekend we had, the momentum to do this will move all of us to knock this out! — Mike Benge

Just as the Brothers and lay teachers inspired so many of us decades ago, let us be inspired by their generosity to HC. The $50,000 goal is not a “ceiling.” It’s a “floor” — a minimum that we hope to raise to begin awarding our class legacy. It can, and will continue to grow, over the years if we commit ourselves to honoring Fr. Massett’s message of giving back to HC.

Our Golden Reunion Weekend proved that we all still feel a deep connection to each other and to HC. Let’s stay connected to each other — and to HC — by making the Class of 1972 Scholarship the biggest endowed scholarship at Holy Cross. Giving is easy: Click BELOW to make either a one-time donation or recurring monthly gift that will allow our endowment to continue growing.

This is our chance to leave a class legacy and to honor the sacrifices of our teachers and parents, as well as the memory of departed classmates. As Brian Chamberlain said, “Let’s do it NOW!”

God bless you all. Go Tigers!

Pat Robert           Clancy DuBos           Hank Tatje           Ronnie Carver          Kevin McLin      


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