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Holy Cross School Chorus Department

The goal of the Holy Cross Choral Department is to train young men to sing both solo and choral music via healthy vocal technique, artistry, and musical intelligence.  At Holy Cross, choral music is a curricular subject. Classes focus on music performance, music analysis, and music literacy.  Our choirs present four concerts per year and perform in the community.  

Chorus Classes Offered at Holy Cross:  

Middle School Exploratory Classes:
The purpose of the Exploratory Chorus classes is to explore and participate in performance in choral music.   Through participation in choral music, students learn the value of self-discipline, teamwork, and aesthetic experiences.

Tiger Chorus (7th grade):
In the Tiger Chorus, students work collaboratively on improving vocal technique, listening skills, and reading music.  We focus on learning to read music using the Solfege system and being attentive to vocal range while applying these skills to music for performances.   

Men’s Chorus (8th – 12th grades):
The Men’s Chorus consists of students of different grade levels singing and performing choral music in a variety of styles. Students work collaboratively to develop as musicians through reading and analyzing music, and performing.    

Concordia Ensemble (8th – 12th grades):
The Honors Vocal Ensemble is an auditioned ensemble that performs advanced choral music in a variety of styles.  Students work collaboratively to create music with artistry and attention to detail.  There are opportunities to explore individual music preferences through solo work and independent projects.

Travel Opportunities:

Members of the Holy Cross Men’s Chorus and the Concordia Ensemble are offered the opportunity to travel to a choral festival once per year.  This year, we have been invited to perform at the Heritage Festival of Gold at Carnegie Hall.  Past trips have included performing with the Southern Invitational Choral Conference at Mississippi State and Heritage Festivals in Nashville and Atlanta. 

Honor Choirs:

Our singers sing with the following honor ensembles:

  • National Association for Music Education All National Mixed Choir
  • American Choral Directors’ Association Louisiana All State Youth and Men’s Choirs
  • Louisiana Music Educators’ Association All State Mixed Choir
  • Louisiana Music Educators’ Association District VI Honor Choir


If you have any questions about the choral music program at Holy Cross, please contact Craig Matherne at [email protected]