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The work study program is a tuition assistance program distributed through the Finance Department. Parents may apply for the work study program through their Smart Tuition accounts (SmartAid). For more information about the work study program, please contact Mr. Eric Ferry at or Mrs. Annabelle Signorelli at All applications must be completed by the end of March. 
Those students who are currently in the work study program will find all job opportunities listed in this section of the website. If a job becomes available, students who are interested in working the job, should email Mr. Ferry as soon as possible. Job opportunities have limited space available so all jobs are on a first come first serve basis.
Color Key:
Purple = Newly added opportunity    Red = Completed     Green -Still in progress   
Blue = IMPORTANT Update 
Upcoming Work Study Opportunities:
NEW OPPORTUNITY - Holy Cross Crawfish Boil May 11th 11AM - 6PM
12 students are needed for the Men’s Club Crawfish Boil which is being held on Saturday, May 11th from 12 noon to 5pm.  Guys are needed from 11am - 6pm. Supervisors of the event are Mr. Kirkwood and Mr. Jim Remetich. Email Mr. Ferry if you are attending. This is one of the last events to get hours! 
COMPLETED - Caroling Under the Oaks 3:30-7pm
As many guys as possible to work this festive and fun event. Dress casually and festive if you like. Email Mr. Ferry if you will attend. 
COMPLETED - LPO Play Dat Event Set-Up Oct. 13, 2018 Arrival time 8am
As many guys as possible are needed to help setup the listed event. Double hours will be given. Email Mr. Ferry if you can attend. 



COMPLETED - LPO Play Dat Event Breakdown, Oct. 13, 2018 Arrival time 3pm

As many guys as possible are needed to help breakdown the listed event. Double hours will be given. Email Mr. Ferry if you can attend.  

Important Update - As of today (8/29/18), all hours have been posted to the accounts. Therefore, all work study guys must check in with Mr. Ferry before Friday in the Student Activities Office to see/check/validate their hours and totals. Also, please remember it is the responsibility of the student to keep track of the days he has work to make sure all information the Finance Office has is accurate. If there is a discrepancy this will be the time to check it. 


COMPLETED  - Swim Meet at UNO Saturday, Sept 8, 9:00 – 2:00

As many guys as possible are needed as we host the middle school kickoff meet at UNO Lakefront Arena.  Email Mr. Ferry if you can attend.  


COMPLETED - Back to School Dance, Saturday, September 8th at 12:30pm

As many guys as possible are needed to help set up for the annual Back to School Dance in the student center. Also, guys are needed to work the Primary School's event at 4pm in the student center. Guys are allowed to stay and work the entire night ending at 11:30pm. This is a great time to get a lot of hours in a fun setting and in one day. Email Mr. Ferry if, and only if, you will be attending.


COMPLETED  - Wednesday 8/8 and Thursday 8/9

Anyone interested in working during Wednesday 8/8 and Thursday 8/9 report to the student activities office at 9am – 2pm. Teachers will come throughout the day to have you assist them for small jobs to help get them prepared for the first day. Email Mr. Ferry if you will attend. You will be dismissed for orientation but can return back to work.

CANCELLED!!!!!  - Guys Needed for Tuesday, July 31st 9am until....
Mr. DuMouchel needs four guys to unload supplies for the art room. Students should report at 9am and WAIT in the student activities office for him to arrive. The guys should bring something to do while they wait for the truck to make the delivery. Once the pallets have been unloaded and brought to the art room, they will be dismissed. Unfortunately, the timing is set by the arrival of the truck
*Mr. DuMouchel is the job supervisor!
COMPLETED - There will NOT be regular work study this week due to teacher meetings and in-services. Please do NOT report on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday for Mr. Ferry. 
COMPLETED - Tuesday 7/24
We need guys to work Wednesday and Thursday this week (7/25 and 7/26). Arrive by 9am to help with numerous jobs around campus such as in the library, art room, etc. Mr. Ferry is the job supervisor. Report to room A212.


Good Morning,

So far we only have two students signed up for tomorrow morning (Monday 7/23).  There are many guys in need of hours and we are in DESPERATE NEED of as many guys as possible tomorrow morning. Remember all students on work study need hours and we only have one week left. THEREFORE IT WOULD BE AWESOME if we could get everyone there tomorrow. Also remember, we rarely ask for help like this so please know this is important. THANK YOU. 

TIME: 8am until...

LOCATION: Student center Atrium

Mr. Nick Michael job supervisor


This is very important - we need as many guys on Monday 7/23 at 8am to help put the desk back in the classrooms. Again, this is very important. Please email Mr. Ferry if you will be coming.

* You will get full credit for an entire day of work for working a few hours. 


COMPLETED - Friday, July 20, 2018

We are in desperate need of as many guys Friday. Students should meet in the atrium of the student center for putting the desk back in the classroom. Mr. Nick Michael is the job supervisor.

*Students attending should check in in the appropriate location and with the job supervisor.

Email Mr. Ferry if you are attending!!!!! 


COMPLETED - Thursday 7/12, Friday 7/13 and Monday 7/16

We are in desperate need of as many guys as possible on the following days:

Thursday 7/12 -  Camp Office 8am (Coach White as supervisor)

Friday 7/13 -  Camp Office 8am (Coach White as supervisor)

Monday 7/15  -Atrium Student Center 8am (Mr. Michael as supervisor)

*Students attending should check in in the appropriate location and with the job supervisor.

Email Mr. Ferry if you are attending!!!!! 



PLEASE MAKE SURE ALL PAPER WORK HAS BEEN TURNED IN UP TO THIS POINT (FILLED OUT CORRECTLY). REMEMBER: it is your responsibility to make sure all paperwork is filled out every week and turned in to Mr. Ferry. Credit will not be given for any late paperwork.  There are guys I know have worked jobs that I have not received paperwork for. 


COMPLETED Monday, July 9th at 8am
Guys are needed to work with Mr. Nick (facilities director)  on Monday, July 9th at 8am. If you will be attending please send Mr. Ferry ( an email. Students should report to the atrium of the student center and check in with Mr. Nick. 
COMPLETED for July 2nd week: Work Study next week will only be on Monday 7/2 and Tuesday 7/3 due to the Fourth of July holiday. All students on Monday should report to the baseball field and look for Mr. Nick. 
COMPLETED  Monday, July 2nd at 8am 
We need as many guys as possible on Monday, July 2nd to help remove the baseball fence. The more guys that show up the faster it will be. You will get credit for the entire day! Please report straight to the baseball field at 10am in cool clothing. Bring water! Mr. Nick Michael will be the job supervisor. Please email me if you will be attending at .
COMPLETED Tuesday - Thursday
Every Week in the Summer (unless otherwise noted)
Check in will be in room A212 with Mr. Ferry
Email Mr. Ferry if you will be attending. Please do not just show up. 
COMPLETED Tuesday, June 12, 2018
8:30 a.m.-2:00 p.m.
Report to Mrs. Kyndal Hrapmann in the Alumni Office
Duties: reorganizing closets and relocating offices
Number of students needed: 5
Email: to sign up.
Notes: Please bring lunch and wear comfortable work clothes.
Welcome Message From Mr. Ferry (Tuesday, June 12, 2018)
Hi! By now you should have received a letter and packet in the mail from the Finance Office letting you know that you were awarded a work study grant. The grant requires you to work a set amount of hours based on what assistance you were given. Starting next week, (Tuesday, June19th), you will be given the opportunity to start working at school every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Work will begin at 9:00am. Our goal would be to work until 3:00pm but that can change daily based on what work is available.
Starting this year - ALL WORK STUDY CORRESPONDENCE WILL BE DONE THROUGH THIS WORK STUDY PAGE. I will no longer send out emails of job opportunities. Periodically, depending on importance, you may receive an email about a job requirement but this will be few and far between. It will be your responsibility, as the student, to check the blog daily or weekly to see what jobs are posted and available. Also. starting this year, you must email me every time you are going to work during the summer or any job posted on the blog. All emails should be sent to . Once a job is completed you will have only one week to have the required paperwork filled signed and turned in. other information will be given out during a meeting that will be scheduled later this month.
If you have any question please come see me as soon as possible.
Thank you,
Mr. Ferry