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Fishing Rodeo Sponsorship

  • Decisions by the Weigh Master and Rodeo Officials are final.
  • The Weigh Master is the official keeper of rodeo time.
  • Fishing begins at daybreak Friday, May 31st and continues to close of weigh-in on Saturday, June 1st.
  • Weigh-in: 12noon-3pm sharp on Saturday, June 1 at Hopedale Marina
  • Registrants may fish any Louisiana waters, including Federal Offshore waters, for any legal species of fish.
  • All fish weighed in must meet current Wildlife and Fisheries standards and comply with all Louisiana rules and regulations.
  • In the event of a tie in any board position, the first fish weighed wins the tie breaker.
  • Only fish caught by registered persons will be eligible for prizes and must be weighed in that person’s name.
  • All contestants must obey all Louisiana and Federal Wildlife and Fisheries rules and regulations (i.e., must be licensed if required and must observe the requirements of the marina operator.)
  • All fish must be caught by hook and line method. Use of nets, spears, bow and arrow, and other such methods are prohibited.
  • Bank or wade fishing is acceptable.
  • The Rodeo and its Officials are not responsible for acts of God such as bad weather, etc.
  • Good luck, have fun, be safe!