Faculty Spotlight: Cindy Bourque

Faculty Spotlight: Cindy Bourque
Math department chair, 7th grade class moderator, 6th math accelerated, 7th grade pre-algebra, 7th grade pre-algebra accelerated, Cross & Anchor moderator

Where did you go to college, and what is your degree or field of study?

UNO, Math Education

What is the most interesting part of your job?

The most interesting part of my job is watching students learn and explore.  I love seeing them come back well-educated and well-rounded. 

How long have you been working for Holy Cross School?

This is my 11th year at Holy Cross.

What is one thing that you think makes Holy Cross School a special place?

Holy Cross is family.

Tell us about your favorite memory from your time teaching at Holy Cross School?

My favorite recent memory is watching the excitement of my boys when they ran across the field at Tiger Stadium before heading to Camp Istrouma this past May. It was seeing the excitement in their eyes and experiencing something few people will experience that warmed my heart. We just don’t teach academics at Holy Cross; we teach Heart, Mind, Body and Soul. Several distinguished alumni spoke to the students that day about what Holy Cross means to them. 

Tell us about your teaching philosophy.

I try to keep the class interesting so that students want to learn and are engaged throughout the class period.  I want them to love coming to class and being at Holy Cross as much as I do. 

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