Today's Schedule:   Day 3 BCDE
Prayer Requests

Mr. Gerry Orkus
Mr.Orkus was an Alum that served in several capacities at Holy Cross over the years. We pray for the repose of his soul. Please keep his family and friends in prayer as well.

Grayson Bass
Great grandson of Susie Magee, medical reasons

Armand Matherne
Pray for his family during their time of loss. Former member of the Holy Cross Faculty.

Xavia Josephine “Josie” Murphy
Grandmother of Robert Conlin Murphy current fifth grader, Jarod Joseph Murphy 2006 and Jacob Patrick Murphy 2009. Prayers for healing and comfort.

David L Neeb
Passed away. Alum from the Class of 1973

Gerard Wright
Prayers for health & healing for cancer treatment. Father-In-Law of Dewey Crayton '96.

Leroy Perrien
Prayers for a speedy recovery from a hemorrhagic stroke. Family is asking for your prayers

The Rapp family-Shane, Kaitlyn(11), Aubrey(8), Ben(7), Luke(10 months)
Pray for this family during their time of loss. Wife and mother, Jennifer, passed away unexpectedly at age 35.

Dorian Rodrigue
Brother of 11th grader Darius

Anthony "Lil Buddy" Micheu
HC 7th grader

Donald "Red" Merwin
Grandfather of Peyton Ritz '15. Please pray for the family during this time of sorrow.

Van Wilson
Prayers for successful surgery and recovery

Caroline Blackman
Cousin of Brenton Guerin '16

Frank Paul Bileci
Grandfather of Frank Bileci, IV, Holy Cross Faculty

Mary Dauphin
Mother of Michael Dauphin '75. Prayers for a successful surgery and a speedy recovery.

Anthony Baiamonte
Father of Brandon Baiamonte '01

Mark Marino '94
Prayers for baby Marino who lost his life to SIDS

Mr. Lionel Serpas Sr.
Grandfather of Lonny Serpas

Dr. Francis Puyau '45

Ida Danjean
Mother of Belinda Baker - Holy Cross Faculty Member

Friend of HC
Special intention

Jimmy Fontenelle
Father of Alum John & Mark Fontenelle, grandfather of Jordan, Josh & Daniel Fontenelle

Myra Landry
Aunt of Sue Ellen Lyons

Doug Miller and Family
Doug Miller's Uncle recently passed away

Jake Fleming
Prayers for a speedy recovery

Dorris Rizzuto
Aunt of Adrian Jackson

Albert Weidenbacher Sr.
Grandfather of Grayson and Rhett Weidenbacher

Mary Rholden
Mother of Corey Rholden

Mac Gregor Bulloch, Jr.
Grandfather of Daniel Bulloch '17, family asking for prayers

Zita Zeledon Leone
Mother of Joseph "Wayne" Leone '74

Michael J. Marsh, Sr. '59
Brother of Elmer J. Marsh '57

Mark Ryan Edwards '96

Stella Mairo
Grandmother of David DiMaggio, Jr. '13 and Mother-in-Law of David DiMaggio, Sr. '79

Stephany Favrot
Wife of Chuck Favrot '89

Shae Favrot
Daughter of Chuck Favrot '89

Edward Sidney Bopp, Jr.
Past Holy Cross Board Member & Past Parent

Steven Arnold '99
Steven was shot in the line of duty. We offer our prayers for him and his familly during this time of distress.

Loxie Lacour
Mother of alumnus Kevin Lacour

Michael Mule', friend of HC
Recovery from cancer

Dr. Eugene "Gene" Garcia
Father of Eugene Buddy Garcia '69

Louise Taylor - Mother of Karen DuPlantier
Prayers for a successful surgery and recovery

Baby Logan Arvites
Our Prayers for health and healing

Vincent B. "Pete" Caruso '55
Please pray for the family during this time of sorrow

Keith Gioe, Sr.
Grandfather of Chris Gioe '10 - Prayers for the family during this time of sorrow

Cinda Melerine
Diagnosed with Lymphona - Grandmother of Dillon Melerine '17 and Mother of Don Melerine '79

Jean Turner
Successful surgery and recovery

Judy Johnson
Prayers for successful cancer treatment

Marsha Johnson
Prayers for successful cancer treatment

Mr. Lionel Serpas Sr.
Grandfather of Lonny Serpas '15 - Prayers needed for a successful surgery and speedy recovery

Haleigh Martin & Martin Family
Family is asking for prayers

Rhonda Baiamonte

Baby Braylon de St. Germain
Prayers for a speedy recovery from lung problems

Ernest Anthony Rodi, Sr.
Holy Cross Faculty member for over 20 years.

Frank Bileci and Family

Father Joe Moyer, CSC
Prayers for successful treatment of lung cancer

HC Family Member
Prayers for two very special intentions.

Barbara Arms and family
Coach lost his battle with SBS

Gettwerth Guerin, Jr.
Grandfather of Brenton Guerin '16 - Asking for prayers, has 2 forms of high stage cancer.

Heather Berhane
Inoperative brain cancer; prayers for health and healing

Danny Douglas
Prayers for health and healing of prostate & bone cancer.

HC Family Member
Prayers for personal reasons

John Ballero '65
Family and Friends are asking for prayers

Ryan Frederick "Nune" Nunenmacher
Brother of Cory '19 and Tyler Nunenmacher '18

Rebecca Underwood "Dr. B." Brechtel
Wife of Dr. Joseph Berenger Brechtel, Sr. '60

Carlin Graber
Mother of Evan Graver '15 & Daniel Graber '13, who is coping with brain cancer

Dr. Michael Earl Guillot
Former Assistant Headmaster of Holy Cross

Rodney Leonard
Grandfather of Merlin Seminary '19

Mason Dupuis
Son of Rodney Dupuis '84 for a successful surgery and rehabilitation and recovery process.

Charleen Clement
Mother of David '85, Michael '84, Jeffrey '90, & Billy Clement '94. Grandmother of David, Jr. ' 16, Cole '17, & Colin '20. Family is asking for prayers for healing

Sharron Brunet
Mother of alumnus Bradley Brunet died of cancer.

Boyd Matthew Bulot
Son of Richard Bulot, Jr. '58, Brother of Richie Bulot III '82 & Karl Bulot '83, Uncle of Johnathan Bulot '08 & Richard Bulot IV, Nephew of Steve Bulot '70

Hudson Fields
Brother of Chandler

Burt Hazeltine
St. Charles Parish Deputy

Mrs. Pearl Orkus
Died on February 4, 2015; longtime employee of HC and mother/grandmother of HC Men

Father Joe Moyer, CSC
Pray for health and healing.

Allen Danos '64

Irma Howerton Buller
Great Grandmother of Austin Wehrlin '19

John B. "Bert" Donnes II
Father of Steve Donnes '76

Floris Markey
Wife of Joseph Markey '51; Grandmother of Jared Berges '06 & Jordan Berges '10

Jackie Jung Barre'
Prayers for successful surgery and recovery

Bobby Aucoin, Sr.
Deceased Uncle of Brenton Guerin '16

Shawn DeBarbieris
Prayers for Shawn and his family

Marilyn Chiappetta Westfall
Mother of David & Darren Westfall - Health and healing

Cheryl Scroeder Cusimano & husband
AHA Alumna '64 - Health and healing

Ida Rousselle
Passed away 2/17/2014 Wife of Leo '40, Mother of Leo '67, Gerard '68, John '72, James '74 and Christopher '76. Prayers for Ida and the family.

Skylar and Sarah Barrilleaux
Friends of Brenton Guerin '16. Family is asking for prayers for passed loved one

George Kugler
Grandfather of Bo Srofe '20

Cindy Bergeron
Mother of Chase Bergerson '19. Diagnosis of uterine cancer

Antoinette V. Murry
Mother of Joseph H. Murry, Jr., Holy Cross High School Principal, Aunt of Frank Bileci, Holy Cross Faculty

Ms. Jesse Hayes
Grandmother of Joshua Williams '17 & Justin Williams '20. Family is asking for your prayers

Adisha Ricks
Mother of Andrew Ricks '14 & Michael Ricks '18

Daniel Joseph Dazet '85
Father of Porter Dazet '14, Brother of Rhonda Baiamonte - HC Staff, Son-in-law of John Gerrets '60, Uncle of Henri Dazet '96, Brother-in-law Ludovic Gerrets '84, John Gerrets '85 & Kristian Gerrets '94. Caruso & Vincenzo Signorelli

Harold J. Frisard, Jr. '57
Brother of Kenneth Frisard '61, Larry Frisard '60, Martin Frisard '66 & Rodney Frisard '64

Joyce Madeline Lepine Reichenbach
Sister of Del Pagano, Holy Cross Staff Member

Bruce Dillon
Father of Brandon Dillon '18, family asking for prayers as he goes through surgery

Siguard "Sig" Simpson '61
In critical condition, family is asking for your prayers

Kenneth Roques
Godfather of Corey Rholdon '15

Paul G. Powers, Jr. '65
Ill and asking for prayers. Cousin of Steven Rayes '87, Uncle of Michael Rayes '74, Father of Brett Powers '90, and Uncle of Gerard Burg '48

Joseph Buller, Sr.
Great Grandfather of Austin Wehrlin '19

Bart Waggoner
Mr. Williams' grandfather - having serious heart issues

Marco Antonio Cottone
Father of Stephanie Strain, HC Counselor

Jesse Mason
Prayers for a speedy recovery, very sick

John Macaluso '18
Prayers for successful surgery and recovery

Robin Buras
Prayers for successful surgery and recovery

James (Jim) Hendricks
Father of David Hendricks '88, and Gary Hendricks '00

Rev. Msgr. Robert Massett '55
Prayers for a quick recovery

John Macaluso
Prayers for health and healing

Friend of HC
Special intention

Frederick Anthony Gerstner, III
Grandfather of Jeff Winters, Jr. '13.

Suzie Arnold
Mother of Jeremy Arnold '13. Get well soon.

Scott Williams
Prayers for a speedy recovery

Madeline Ann Staempfli Faust
Grandmother of Kal Bonura ’08, Brett Bonura ’10 and Chip Bonura ’14

Daniel Bulloch '17
Having medical testing. Asking for your prayers

Artie Kirsh, Jr. '73
Asking for your prayers

Felix J. Chetta, Jr. '55
Grandfather of F. J. Chetta III '98 & Christian T. Chetta '10

Patricia "Gicky" Fitzgerald
Diagnosed with Brian Cancer. Family asking for your prayers

Marco Cottone
Father of Stephanie Strain, Middle School Counselor

Derek Vial
Brother of Alex Vial '14. Derek is leaving for deployment in Afghanistan. Family is asking for prayers

Carmello John Tessitore
Father of Carmello J. Tessitore, Jr. '57 & John A. Tessitore '71

Jacques Triniac
Grandfather of John Caffery '17. Recently diagnosed with cancer. Family is asking for your prayers

Barbara Page Littlejohn
Step Grandmother of Christopher Gioe '10. Family is asking for your prayers

Joseph Monjurn '57

Gerard (Jerry) Nagel '66
Please keep Jerry and his family in your prayers

Reed Kaehey
Family asking for prayers

Paul Forstall '73
Prayers for a speedy recovery

Joe Simon
Uncle of Adrian Jackson '00

Dustin St. Romain '00

Warren Decker '41

Tim McCann
Uncle of Brenton Guerin '16. Being treated for cancer and family is asking for your prayers

Henry Jolly, Jr.
Father of Henry Jolly '00 and Stephen Jolly '04. Grandfather of Javier Sturgis '16. Henry Jolly, Jr. is recovering from double-bypass surgery

Ashlee Hammond
Mother of B. Cas Hammond, mother having surgery

Bill Johnston '61

Messina DiGiovanni
Grandmother of Joseph '15 and James '21 DiGiovanni. Hospitalized after having a stroke. Family is asking for your prayers

Baby Cade
Please keep baby Cade and his familly in your prayers

Frederick Selby Harper '52
Prayers for the soul and family of Fred. Brother of Robert Payne Harper '50

Raymond Louis Sievert '42
Please remember Raymond and his family in your prayers

Roy R. Williams, Sr.
Grandfather of Mason Williams '15

Woodrow Wilson (Bud) Hancock
Uncle of Brett David Hancock '00

Jerry "Pops" Ureta, Sr. '57
Your prayers for Jerry and his family

Jeff White
Father of Phil White '06 & Jordan White '10 family is asking for your prayers

Pete Haydu, '87
passed away from Stage 4 cancer

Danny Truxillo
Passed away 1/16/2014. Please pray for him, and for his family still with us.

Jay Haydel
Grandfather of Jeffrey Argrave '17

Mike Gaconi
Fractured his vertibrae asking for prayers from a friend of Drake Roethele '17

John Alleman
Father-in-law of Richie Bulot, III '82 and Grandfather of Rick Bulot, IV '17

Mrs. Ruby McGaha
Mother of Terry McGaha '70

Michael Meyer '70
Family is asking for your prayers

A Close & Good Friend
Friends are asking for your prayers

Vincent J. "Chuckie" Greco, Sr.
Father of Vincent Greco, Jr. '78, Anthony Greco '80, Francis Greco '83,Father-in-law of Arthur Cilluffa '78, Grandfather of Arthur Cilluffa '06 and Christopher Cilluffa '10

Nolan Baudoin
Grandfather of Nicholas Galle '15

Joseph Thomas "Sonny" Thibodeaux, Jr. '68

Shelly Raynal
Mother of Gregory '13 and Spencer '15

Audrey Moline
Godmother of Celeste Waddell

Tony Jarusook
Father of Damion Jarusook '18. Family asking for prayers for a safe return home from Afghanistan in August 2012

Charlotte Hellmers
Sister of Dixie Crayton - Very sick and asking for prayers

Warren Wilson
Family in need of prayers, please help.

Marc Bissell
Uncle of Nick Tamplain '15 Asking for prayers

Kristen Rice
Friend of Brenton Guerin '16 and the Tiger Band Leadership Team, diagnosed with stage 4 Leukaemia

Sophia Petikas
Daughter of Ioannis; niece of Dimitrios & Miklos

Dustin Dennis St. Romain '00

Edwin Lionel Stoltz '49
1st cousin to Tony Stoltz '65 and Uncle to David Stoltz '89

Dianne and Mark Arnett
Sister-in-law of Dean Arnett '82 passed recently

Easton Clark
Son of Tim and Kelly Clark--prayers for speedy recovery

Gerald Manuel Sr.
Grandfather of Zachary Cavalier

Eric Bodker
The Bodker family is asking for your prayers

Ronald R. Fournier '49
Family is asking for your prayers

Gourgues Family
Prayers for the Family

Florence Horn
Mother of Al Horn '67, Grandmother of Cory Turner '02 & Troy Turner '07, Sister-in-Law of Charles Horn '55, cousin to Tony Stoltz '65 and David Stoltz '89

Paul H. Bernadas
Father of Barry Bernadas '80, Paul-David Bernadas '84, Grandfather of Ian-Charles Bernadas '05, Jacob Bernadas '08, Zachary Bernadas '12 & Noah Bernadas '13

Jenna Cavalaro
Recently diagnosed with bone cancer. Family is asking for many prayers

Jeanne-Marie Harris
Sister of Donovan B. Harris'16, prayers that she may find her way

Kelly Frilot
Needs many prayers

Stephen Kleamenakis '11
Family asking for prayers

Brandi Dabney
Niece of Adrian Jackson '00

Tony Cinquemano '55
Asking for prayers

Daniel Truxillo
Recovering from stem cell transplant and second fight with Leukemia.

William May
Grandfather of Dominick Accardo '16 and John Accardo '18 Pray for health and healing

Emma Scheurmann

Carmel Dummet Wilthew
Mother of Bernard Wilthew '69

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