Holy Cross Soccer Tryouts 10/13/20162:30 PMMiddle School Field 
Soccer: Holy Cross Alum Game / Fan Day10/19/201612:00 AM  
Varsity Soccer vs. Rummel (Scrimmage)11/5/201610:00 AMPlantation Atheletic Club 
JV Soccer vs. Rummel 11/5/201612:00 PMPlantation Atheletic Club 
Varsity Soccer vs. Brother Martin (Scrimmage)11/7/20165:30 PMPan Am 
JV Soccer vs. Brother Martin11/7/20167:00 PMPan Am 
Soccer: Varsity Holy Cross vs. Brother Martin11/8/20165:30 PMPan Am 
Soccer: JV Holy Cross vs. Brother Martin11/8/20167:00 PMPan Am 
JV Soccer vs. Chalmette11/9/20163:30 PMChalmette  
Varsity Soccer vs. Chalmette (Scrimmage)11/9/20165:00 PMChalmette 
JH Soccer vs Brother Martin 11/12/201610:00 AMHoly Cross Middle School Field 
Varsity Soccer vs. Parkview Baptist11/16/20166:00 PMParkview Baptist 
JV Soccer vs. Parkview Baptist11/16/20167:30 PMParkview Baptist 
Alumni Soccer Game/Day11/19/201610:00 AMMiddle School Field 
JV Soccer vs. JH Holy Cross 11/19/20161:00 PMHoly Cross Middel School Field 
JH Soccer vs. HC JV 11/19/20161:00 PMHoly Cross Middle School Field 
Varsity Soccer vs. Newman11/22/20166:00 PMNewman 
JH Soccer vs. 9th Grade Rummel11/23/20164:00 PMRummel 
TCAC Soccer Turkey vs Germany11/29/20162:45 PMMiddle School Field 
TCAC Soccer Ireland vs Argentina11/29/20163:30 PMMiddle School Field 
JH Soccer vs. Jesuit11/29/20165:30 PMJesuit 
JH Soccer vs. 8th Grade Rummel 12/1/20164:00 PMHoly Cross Middle School Field 
Varsity Soccer: Beau Chene Tournament12/2/201612:00 AMLafayette 
5th/6th Grade Soccer vs. Stuart Hall 6th Grade12/2/20164:00 PMLa Salle Park  
7th/8th Grade Soccer vs. Christian Brothers12/5/20164:00 PMChristian Brothers 
Varsity Soccer vs St. Charles Catholic12/5/20165:00 PMSt. Charles CAtholic 
JV Soccer vs. Newman12/6/20163:30 PMHoly Cross Middle School Field  
5th/6th Grade Soccer vs. Christian Brothers 6th Grade12/7/20164:00 PMChristian Brothers 
7th/ 8th Grade Soccer vs. Lusher12/7/20164:00 PMLa Salle 
JV Soccer vs. Jesuit12/7/20165:00 PMJesuit 
Varsity Soccer vs. Jesuit12/7/20166:30 PMJesuit 
JH Soccer vs. Country Day12/8/20163:30 PMCountry Day 
5th/6th Grade Soccer vs. Trinity 6th Grade12/8/20164:00 PMRace Street 
7th/8th Grade Soccer-Brother Martin Tournament-Games TBA12/9/201612:00 AMBrother Martin 
Varsity Soccer: Mandeville Tournament12/9/201612:00 AMMandeville 
JH Soccer vs. Brother Martin12/15/20163:30 PMBrother Martin 
Varsity Soccer vs. John Ehret12/15/20163:30 PMPan Am 
5th/ 6th Grade Soccer vs Holy Name12/15/20164:00 PMMiddle School Field 
Varsity Soccer Training12/16/20169:30 AMMiddle School Field 
7th/8th Grade Soccer vs Newman 12/16/20164:00 PMMiddle School Field 
7th/8th Grade Soccer vs. Newman12/16/20164:00 PMMiddle School Field 
JH Soccer vs Brother Martin12/17/20162:00 PMBrother Martin 
JV Soccer vs Brother Martin12/17/20163:30 PMBrother Martin 
Varsity Soccer vs. West Jefferson12/17/20167:00 PMPan Am 
Varsity Soccer Training-Time TBD12/19/201612:00 AMMiddle School Field 
JH Soccer vs. Ben Franklin12/19/201611:00 AMBen Franklin 
Varsity Soccer Training- Time TBD12/20/201612:00 AMMiddle School Field 
7th/8th Grade Soccer vs Country Day12/20/201611:00 AMHC Middle School Field 
Soccer: JV Holy Cross vs. Vanderbilt Catholic12/20/20166:00 PMVanderbilt Catholic 
Soccer: Varsity Holy Cross vs. Vanderbilt Catholic12/20/20167:30 PMVanderbilt Catholic 
Varsity Soccer Training-Time TBD12/21/201612:00 AMMiddle School Field 
Varsity Soccer vs. Woodlawn12/22/20162:30 PMWoodlawn 
JV Soccer vs. Woodlawn 12/22/20167:30 PMWoodlawn 
Varsity Soccer vs. St. Charles Catholic12/23/20162:30 PMSt. Charles Catholic 
Varsity Soccer vs. De La Salle 12/28/201611:00 AMPan Am  
Varsity Soccer Training-Time TBD12/31/201612:00 AMMiddle School Field 
JH Soccer vs. 8th Grade Jesuit1/2/20175:30 PMJohn Ryan 
Varsity Soccer vs. Thomas Jefferson1/3/20173:30 PMPAC fields 
JH Soccer vs. 9th Grade Rummel1/4/201712:00 AMHoly Cross Middle School Field 
TCAC Soccer Argentina vs Germany1/4/20172:45 PMBack Field 
TCAC Soccer Ireland vs Turkey1/4/20173:30 PMBack Field 
Varsity Soccer vs. Central Lafourche1/4/20177:00 PMPan Am  
7th/8th Grade Soccer vs. Newman 1/5/20174:00 PMLa Salle 
Varsity Soccer: CENLA Cup1/6/201712:00 AMAlexandria 
JH Soccer vs Haynes1/7/20171:00 PMHoly Cross 
TCAC Soccer Argentina vs Germany1/9/20172:45 PMMiddle School Field 
TCAC Soccer Ireland vs Turkey 1/9/20173:30 PMMidle School Field 
JH Soccer vs. De La Salle 1/9/20173:45 PMHoly Cross Middle School Field 
JV Soccer vs. Newman1/10/201712:00 AMNewman 
5th/6th Grade Soccer vs. Christian Brothers 5th1/10/20174:00 PMChristian Brothers 
TCAC Soccer Playoffs-Argentina vs Ireland1/11/20172:45 PMMiddle School Field 
TCAC Soccer Playoffs-Turkey vs Germany1/11/20173:30 PMMiddle School Field  
JV Soccer vs. Lakeshore High School1/11/20175:00 PMLakeshore High School 
Varsity Soccer vs. Lakeshore High School 1/11/20176:30 PMLakeshore High School  
5th/6th Grade Soccer vs. Newman1/12/20174:00 PMMiddle School Field 
7th/8th Grade Soccer vs. Stuart Hall1/12/20175:00 PMThe Fly 
TCAC Soccer Championship1/13/20172:45 PMMiddle School Field  
Varsity Soccer vs. Ben Franklin1/13/20173:30 PMBen Franklin 
JH Soccer vs. Ben Franklin1/14/20179:00 AMBen Franklin 
Soccer: 9th Grade Holy Cross vs. Ben Franklin1/14/20179:00 AMBen Franklin 
JV Soccer vs. Ben Franklin1/14/201711:00 AMBen Franklin 
JH Soccer vs. Ben Franklin1/16/20174:00 PMHoly Cross Middle School Field 
Varsity Soccer vs. East Ascension1/16/20175:00 PMPan Am 
5th/6th Grade Soccer vs. Stuart Hall 6th Grade1/17/20174:00 PMMiddle School Field 
Varsity Soccer vs. Vanderbilt Catholic1/18/20175:00 PMVanderbilt Catholic 
JV Soccer vs. Vanderbilt Catholic1/18/20176:30 PMVanderbilt Catholic 
JH Soccer vs Haynes1/21/201710:00 AMHaynes 
Soccer: Holy Cross vs. Lakeshore1/21/201711:00 AMTad Gormely 
Pep Rally honoring Basketball, Wrestling and Soccer Teams1/23/20171:50 PMStudent Center 
Varsity Soccer vs Helen Cox1/23/20174:00 PMTad Gormley 
JH Soccer vs. 8th Grade Rummel1/24/20174:00 PMRummel  
JV Soccer vs. Ben Franklin 1/25/20174:00 PMPan Am 
Varsity Soccer vs. Ben Franklin1/25/20176:30 PMTBD 
Varsity Soccer vs. Salmen 1/28/201712:00 AMSalmen 
JH Soccer vs Northlake Christian 1/28/201712:00 AMNorthlake Christian 
Varsity Soccer vs. Country Day1/30/20173:30 PMCountry Day 
Varsity Soccer vs. Denham Springs1/31/20176:00 PMDenham Springs 
Varsity Soccer vs. Riverdale-Round 2 Play Offs2/8/20177:30 PMPan American Stadium 
Varsity Soccer Semi Final Game2/18/20174:00 PMPan American Stadium 
Holy Cross Soccer Practice; Grades: 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, JH, JV, V2/23/20172:30 PMMiddle School Field  
Soccer Program Recognition Night3/20/20176:00 PMCafeteria 
SHSA Soccer Camp7/17/20179:00 AMHoly Cross Fields 
SHSA Soccer Camp7/18/20179:00 AMHoly Cross Fields 
SHSA Soccer Camp7/19/20179:00 AMHoly Cross Fields 
SHSA Soccer Camp7/20/20179:00 AMHoly Cross Fields 
SHSA Soccer Camp7/21/20179:00 AMHoly Cross Fields 
POSTPONED - HC Soccer Kick Off Banquet (new date will be announced soon)11/2/20175:00 PMStudent center-Huddle, Atrium 
Soccer Intersquad JV vs V11/4/20177:30 AM Holy Cross-Time TBD 
Varsity Soccer Scrimmage v. Chalmette11/8/20174:00 PMHoly Cross  
Soccer JV Scrimmage vs St. Augustine11/9/20173:30 PMHoly Cross 
Soccer Varsity Only Scrimmage vs De La Salle11/11/201711:00 AMHoly Cross 
Varsity Soccer Scrimmage v. Chalmette11/11/20174:00 PMChalmette 
Varsity Soccer vs. Vandebilt Catholic11/15/20175:30 PMVandebilt Catholic 
JV Soccer vs. Vandebilt Catholic11/15/20177:00 PMVandebilt Catholic 
Soccer Alum Game and Alumni Day11/18/201712:00 AMHoly Cross 
Soccer Fan Day/Alumni Game11/18/20179:00 AMMiddle School Field/Cafeteria 
Thanksgiving Soccer Clinic11/20/20178:30 AMPrimary Campus Field and Primary Cafeteria 
Varsity Soccer vs. Brother Martin11/21/20171:00 PMPan American Stadium 
JV Soccer vs. Brother Martin11/21/20173:00 PMPan American Stadium 
JV Soccer vs. Rummel11/25/201711:00 AMRummel 
Varsity Soccer vs. Newman11/28/20176:00 PMNewman 
Middle School Soccer Game11/29/20174:00 PMMiddle School Field 
Middle School Soccer Game12/1/20174:00 PMMiddle School Field 
JV Soccer vs. Central Lafourche12/1/20175:00 PMCentral Lafourche 
Varsity Soccer vs. Central Lafourche12/1/20176:30 PMCentral Lafourche 
Varsity Soccer vs. St. Thomas Aquinas12/5/20175:30 PMSt. Thomas Aquinas 
JV Soccer vs. St. Thomas Aquinas12/5/20177:00 PMSt. Thomas Aquinas 
Varsity Soccer Mandeville Soccer Tournament12/8/201712:00 AMMandeville 
9th Grade Soccer vs. Brother Martin12/9/201712:00 PMHoly Cross 
JV Soccer vs. Country Day 12/11/20174:00 PMHoly Cross 
JV Soccer vs. Newman12/12/20176:30 PMNewman 
Middle School Soccer Game12/13/20174:00 PMMiddle School Field 
Varsity Soccer vs. St. Amant12/16/201711:00 AMPan American Stadium 
JV Soccer vs. St. Amant12/16/20171:00 PMPan American Stadium 
JV Soccer vs. Newman12/21/20176:30 PMNewman 
Varsity Soccer vs. Baton Rouge Catholic12/22/20176:00 PMBaton Rouge Catholic 
JV Soccer vs. Baton Rouge Catholic12/22/20177:30 PMBaton Rouge Catholic 
9th Grade Soccer vs. Brother Martin12/28/201712:00 PMBrother Martin 
JV Soccer vs. East Jefferson1/3/20183:30 PMHoly Cross 
Middle School Soccer Game1/4/20184:00 PMMiddle School Field 
Varsity Soccer vs. East Jefferson1/4/20184:30 PMEast Jefferson 
Varsity Soccer Lafayette Tournament1/5/201812:00 AMLafayette 
Middle School Soccer Game1/5/20184:00 PMMiddle School Field 
Freshmen Soccer vs. Jesuit1/6/201812:00 AMJesuit-Time TBD 
JV Soccer vs. Ben Franklin1/8/20183:30 PMHoly Cross 
Middle School Soccer Game1/9/20184:00 PMMiddle School Field 
Varsity Soccer vs. Salmen1/9/20186:00 PMSalmen 
JV Soccer vs. East Jefferson1/10/20184:00 PMHoly Cross 
Varsity Soccer District vs. Franklinton1/11/20183:30 PMHoly Cross 
Varsity Soccer vs. West Jefferson1/13/201810:00 AMWest Jefferson 
JV Soccer vs. Jesuit1/16/20185:00 PMJesuit 
Varsity Soccer vs. Jesuit1/16/20186:30 PMJesuit 
Soccer vs. St. Charles Catholic1/18/20183:30 PMHoly Cross 
Freshmen Soccer vs. Ben Franklin1/20/20189:00 AMBen Franklin 
JV Soccer vs. Ben Franklin1/20/201811:00 AMBen Franklin 
Varsity Soccer vs. Ben Franklin1/20/20182:30 PMBen Franklin 
Varsity Soccer vs. Lakeshore1/24/20186:00 PMLakeshore 
JV Soccer vs. Lakeshore1/24/20187:30 PMLakeshore 
JV Soccer vs. Rummel1/27/201812:00 AMHoly Cross-Time TBD 
Soccer Senior Game vs. Country Day1/29/20186:00 PMPan American Stadium 
Freshmen Soccer vs. Ben Franklin1/30/20183:30 PMHoly Cross 
Varsity Soccer vs. Denham Springs1/30/20186:00 PMPan American Stadium 
Soccer Practice2/16/20183:00 PMMiddle School Field 

Stuart Hayers

Coach Stuart Hayers continues to lead the Holy Cross Soccer Program with a team of talented coaches from around the world. Coach Hayers will oversee the Varsity, Junior Varsity and Middle School programs as well as serving as the Business and Economics teacher

As a player Stuart has had a long decorated career starting as a professional in his native England. In 2006 Stuart came to America on a full soccer scholarship where he represented Lynn University in Florida. Stuart is a three time All American, a former Athlete of the Year and maintained a cumulative GPA of 4.0 throughout his undergraduate, and graduate, studies. Lynn were ranked number 1 in the nation for the majority of Stuart’s time as a student-athlete and won numerous Sunshine State Conference Titles.

In 2009 Stuart was selected to the Great Britain soccer squad for the World games. He played in every minute of the tournament helping the squad to a fourth place finish, Britain’s best finish in 20 years, after narrowly losing to the Ukraine in pks in the semifinals, and 1-0 to Japan in the third -fourth place playoff.

Following his playing career Stuart turned to coaching at his alma mater where he helped continue the tradition of Lynn Soccer as an Assistant Coach. In 2010 Stuart was named the USL’s youngest Head Coach and in his first season at the helm of a professional franchise led the Baton Rouge Capitals to a third place finish in the nation (with the assistance of coach Millet and Sheekey); Stuart is Louisiana’s most successful coach in that regard.

Since settling in New Orleans Stuart has won numerous State Titles at varying youth age groups as the Director of Coaching at Plantation Athletic Club. He is very excited to continue the success he has had with the youth of New Orleans, both in club and at Holy Cross Middle School program, into the Holy Cross High School program. Stuart holds his UEFA B coaching license, NSCAA Advanced National Diploma, FA level 1&2, as well as a Bachelors of Science in Sports Coaching.


Matt Millet

Coach Matt Millet will once again lead the Holy Cross Varsity team. Previously Coach Millet was Head Coach at St Martins Episcopal school where he took the Saints to 6 State Quarter Finals and 1 State Semifinals. He led the Saints to 6 district titles, was named District coach of the year 5 times, and was Jefferson Parish Coach of the year twice.

Coach Millet prepped at De La Salle, winning the 1994 State Championship. He went on to play collegiately for the University of Mobile and then professionally for the El Paso Patriots and the Syracuse Salty Dogs of the A-league, the second tier of professional soccer in the this country. Presently, he is a full time staff coach with the Louisiana Fire club in town where he works with different age groups throughout the club. Previously, he coached for 10 years with the now defunct Carrollton Soccer Club. He holds both of the highest coaching credentials that are offered in the country from the USSF, A license, and the NSCAA, Premier badge.

Coach Millet was recently inducted to the De La Salle Hall of Fame.


Luke Sheekey

Luke Sheekey started his professional playing career in London, England playing for Queens Park Rangers. During the 2002/2003 season Luke was the U19 youth teams top scorer & represented the reserve team on many occasions while also studying for his A-Levels. Luke represented his County & South of England College team. Luke moved to the US on a soccer scholarship playing 3 years at Eckerd College in St Petersburg, FL. Luke received a degree in Communications & a concentration in Athletic Administration. He was named All-Sunshine State Conference 1st team twice & an NSCAA & Daktronics All- South Region twice but Luke's career highlights came when Eckerd twice knocked off Coach Stuart Hayers #1 ranked Lynn University ending their perfect seasons in 2006 & 2008. In 2008 Luke scored the winning goal with 1 second remaining in double OT.

His coaching career started alongside Stuart Hayers & Matt Millet for the Baton Rouge Capitals in the USL PDL, winning the south region title & reaching the national final 4 in their first season together. Two Louisiana state championships at club level with several Holy Cross students followed before a season as Head Coach at Archbishop Chapelle High School & one season at NCAA DII Delta State University where Luke completed his masters in Sports Management. Luke currently coaches with the Louisiana Fire & the Louisiana Olympic Development Program. Luke holds his FA level 1&2 certifications as well as his USSF C & B licenses.


James Mayes

Coach Mayes is a native of Scotland, UK. And a highly respected coach in the state of Louisiana. James will serve as the 7th and 8th grade coach for the 2015-16 season working closely with Coach Hayers and coach Pineda. Coach Mayes led the Holy Cross 7/8th grade team to a Metro championship last season and is looking to repeat this season.

Following a successful career in Scotland playing for the Youth Academy at St Johnstone FC James made his way across the pond to America. Once settled in New Orleans Coach Mayes quickly established himself as one of the most prestigious coaches with Lakeview soccer club serving as the Director of Coaching’s’ second in command. When the three big New Orleans soccer clubs merged Coach James became a staff coach of Chicago Fire juniors Louisiana where he has had a great deal of success with numerous age groups.

Coach James brings a wealth of playing, and coaching, experience to the middle school program having been the middle school coach of Country Day school in Metairie. He currently holds his USSF D license.


Norman Pineda

After a successful first few season with the Holy Cross Middle School 5/6th grade team, leading them to two runner up spots after championship game losses to arch rivals Christian Brothers, on both occasions, Coach Pineda returns for a third year as an assistant coach for the Holy Cross Metro Soccer Teams. Previously he was the head coach for St. Augustine High School-New Orleans, Pope John Paul II Catholic High School Girls' Team-Slidell and Tulane University Women's Club Soccer. Coach Pineda brings an unrivaled passion for the game of soccer to the Holy Cross program and is influential in its growth throughout the Holy Cross community.

Coach Pineda is the current Spanish teacher at Holy Cross as well as an assistant middle school football coach.

Holy Cross School does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national or ethnic origin in the administration of its policies.