Primary School >> Why Holy Cross?

In keeping with the mission and values of a Holy Cross education, the primary school educates the minds and hearts of the young boys entrusted to us. Holy Cross Primary is a project- inspired school, which promotes imagination, creativity, exploration, and discovery. The staff operates under the belief that children learn best through active experiences that can be related to real life. A Holy Cross Primary student learns to work collaboratively with others. The teachers meet the individual needs of the students and guide them to be confident, independent, and respectful young men. The school offers a curriculum which includes core subjects with a strong emphasis on STEM instruction. Religion and physical education are part of the daily schedule, and students are offered explorations in music, art, library, and foreign language.

The learning environment of our project-inspired school does not look the same as a traditional school. The environment allows space for collaboration. There are comfortable workspaces designed to enhance student learning and support best practices in education. Shared spaces replace individual classrooms which provide the opportunity for specialized learning environments. This also allows for a greater variety of materials, which offers students a more engaging learning experience.

Holy Cross Primary uses iPads to enhance education. There are iPads in all classrooms and the third and fourth grade are one-to-one with iPads. Laptops are also available for student use. Technology is be imbedded in all subject areas while keyboarding, computer coding, and engineering skills are also integrated in the curriculum.

Holy Cross School does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national or ethnic origin in the administration of its policies.