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Theology and Religion

Click on the headings below to read an overview of each Theology & Religion course offered at Holy Cross.

  • Religion 5: Celebrating Jesus' Presence

    Students will develop a committed relationship with Christ and the Church. Students will be able to resonate with the seven sacraments and be able to apply them to their daily lives. The students will utilize Scripture and doctrine integrated in each lesson so they can more easily relate Catholic beliefs, sacred Tradition, and more importantly, their faith to their lives. This process will lead students to a better understanding of Jesus as the Way, the Truth, and the Life.

  • Religion 6: Discovering the Story of God's People

    Students will develop a committed relationship with Christ and the Church. During this journey of faith the students will grow to become more faithful, more responsive, and more involved Catholics. The students will utilize Scripture (Old Testament) and doctrine integrated in each lesson so they can more easily relate Catholic beliefs, sacred Tradition, and more importantly, their faith to their lives. The main purpose is to get them to gradually understand three major components: Forming the Covenant, Building the Covenant Nation, Redeeming the Covenant People, and The Covenant Fulfilled in Jesus.

  • Religion 7: Encountering Jesus and His Good News

    Students will answer the question asked over the centuries—“Who is Jesus?” They explore how the Gospels give witness to Jesus and why members of the Catholic Christian community follow Him; believe in His “Good News”; celebrate His life, death, and Resurrection; and continue to spread His “Good News” message to all of humanity.

  • Religion 8: Belonging to Our Church Community

    In Religion 8, students learn that their faith community is the Catholic Church. As Catholics they recognize their roots, their sacraments, their mission, and their ministries as they trace the “Good News” of Jesus and his disciples. As members of the Church viewing and living that Good News through the charism of Blessed Basile Moreau and the Congregation of Holy Cross, students believe, pray, celebrate, and strive to live every day as Jesus did in the love and service of God and others.

  • Theology 9: Creed and Old Testament

    Students in 9th Grade Theology will cover Sacred Scripture beginning with the Old Testament which provides the students with a comprehensive overview of the major themes, lessons, and people of the Old Testament. It covers the story of salvation from many perspectives including both the Catholic understanding of the scripture and how the original hearers of God’s Word understood its meaning.


    New Testament studies provide an overview of the Catholic faith using basic principles and teaching contained in the four pillars of the Catechism of the Catholic Church. It offers an in-depth resource for building religious literacy and providing a synthesis of the Catholic faith as outlined in the Catechism.


    The text and course challenge students to accept Jesus, commit themselves to Him through the Church, and to live lives of loving service.

  • Theology 10: Sacraments and the New Testament

    Students will learn how to name the people who have influenced and contributed to their own history and to identify how Jesus is one of those people. Students will be able to express how their faith in Jesus is represented through specific actions of trust in God and love of others, develop skills in reading the Gospel as the dramatized history of the life of Jesus, be taught a growing knowledge of how the Bible is structured, and demonstrate the interconnectedness of the Hebrew’s story and Jesus’ life and mission.


    Also, the students will be taught how to appreciate the historical and literary development, structure, and major themes of the New Testament and to explore who Jesus is and His meaning in their lives.


    Finally, in 10th Grade Theology, the students will deepen their personal relationship with Jesus, discover how our faith is strengthened through the seven sacraments, and to recognize the dimensions of living the Christian life – work, community, worship, and Service.

  • Theology 11: Personal and Social Morality

    Students will learn in Personal Morality what it means for human beings that we are created in God’s image, as well as how that affects our relationship with God, each other, and the rest of His creation. Students will recognize the challenge of overcoming sin and evil in their lives and in the world around them with the help of Christ’s call to holiness through the sacraments and His Law of Love.


    In Social Morality, students will apply what they learned about the nature, destiny, and role of the individual to Christ’s call for justice in the world. They will learn how we are called as the Body of Christ to apply His law of love to society in its laws and structures by acknowledging human dignity, the special role of the family in society, preferential care for the poor and vulnerable in our midst, and upholding our universal rights as children of God – most especially the right to life by cultivating a culture of life.

  • Theology 12: Vocations and Church History

    This course follows a traditional chronological look at Church history and setting the context of Church in a mystery that imbues the hidden presence of God. The text and course uncovers glimpses of this mystery from the Church’s earliest roots in the original covenant made between God and Israel, through its institution by Christ, and onward in human history from the apostolic age to the present.


    The text challenges students to develop a chronological sense of the Church’s history, including significant internal and external events, as well as an awareness of the important trends and people throughout its long history.


    In addition, this course places the student directly in touch with the personal vocational choices that will eventually have to be made. This experience ideally leads to an experience of conversion to adult faith. Understanding the key tenets and practices of the Catholic faith and the responsibilities the student will have as an adult Christian facilitates that conversion.

  • Peer Ministry: Grade 12

    In addition to exploring Marriage & Holy Orders and the History of the Catholic Church these select seniors play an integral part in the Campus Ministry Department. Under the Direction of the Campus Minister the peer ministers: plan all of the school’s liturgical celebrations, plan and facilitate all grade level retreats, and plan and participate in our community service projects. These seniors also play a key role in the many charitable fundraisers in which we participate.

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