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Click on the headings below to read an overview of each Classics course offered at Holy Cross.

  • Middle School Latin

    Middle School Latin The purpose of this course is to introduce students to the basics of Latin. Students will first focus on gaining a thorough understanding of English grammar, and then apply these English concepts and terms to the Latin language. This course will focus heavily on understanding how both English and Latin nouns and verbs function in sentences. Learning Latin vocabulary will be an important part of this process. While learning the basics of Latin grammar, we will learn strategies for translating simple Latin sentences and passages into English. Additionally, this course will introduce Roman literature, history, culture, and mythology. Upon completion of this course students will be able approach Latin I with confidence and enthusiasm. Course Prerequisite: An open mind and willingness to learn.

  • Latin I

    Students will acquire basic Latin grammar concepts and vocabulary, develop good language study habits, see the relationship between Latin and other languages, especially English, and explore Roman culture. Course Prerequisite: An open mind and willingness to learn.

  • Latin II

    Latin II will continue to build upon the foundation of Latin grammar and vocabulary acquired in Latin I. Latin II will extensively focus on the passive voice, participles, indirect statement, and the subjunctive. Mythology, classical history, and ancient civilizations and culture will be heavily prevalent throughout the course. Throughout the course, English grammar will be emphasized in unison with Latin to enhance the student’s capability in both languages and to bolster their writing skills. Course Prerequisite: Completion of Latin I or Latin I Honors.

  • Latin II Honors

    Latin II Honors will continue to focus on the grammar and syntax of the Latin language as previously learned in Latin I. The main focus will be on the following grammatical concepts: Passive Voice, Indirect Statement, Participles, Comparison of Adjectives and Adverbs, and the Subjunctive Mood.


    The students will read selections from Caesar and Ovid in addition to their grammar studies. Key aspects of Roman and Greek history, ancient mythology, and Roman and Greek culture will all be at the heart of their studies. Course Prerequisite: Completion of Latin I Honors.

  • Greek I (Honors)

    This course is meant to provide the student of Greek with a firm foundation for further study in the four fundamental skills necessary to acquire mastery in an ancient language: reading, oral comprehension, textual analysis and composition. The course will also explore various elements of Greek history, society, religion, thought and culture. Finally, we will be studying the etymological relationship between modern English and Greek loan and root words. This is the first of two consecutive introductory-level Greek courses. This course is for students who have not previously studied Greek, or whose exposure to the language has been minimal. Course Prerequisite: An open mind and willingness to learn.

  • Greek II (Honors)

    In Greek II, students will continue to build upon the knowledge of grammar, syntax and vocabulary acquired in Greek I. Students will study the subjunctive mood, indirect statement, the optative mood, the perfect and pluperfect tenses, and conditional statements. Mastery of an every-expanding vocabulary will include honing the ability to recognize compounds, cognates, and words in context. Students will be introduced to a variety of Greek authors while learning strategies for successful reading with the aim of achieving fluency in the reading of unadapted original texts. The cultural and historical framework of Classical Athens will be explored in greater depth and breadth, with particular attention to the symbiotic relationship between the literature of the 5th century and its socio-cultural context. Lastly, students will both expand and enrich their understanding of English language and Western civilization through the exploration of the Greek roots and influences of both content areas. Course Prerequisite: Completion of Greek I.

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