Today's Schedule:   Day 3 BCDE

Holy Cross School is focused on the individual student, not “average” numbers which measure an entire class or grade. We pride ourselves on the ability to help young men reach their potential and maximize their future opportunities. Our faculty and staff work closely with each student to deliver a challenging curriculum while developing responsible young men who will become our future community leaders

  • Five high school credits are earned in Holy Cross 8th grade. This allows for flexible electives in high school, including Dual Enrollment and AP Courses.
  • Holy Cross has invested in the highest level curriculum taught by the highest level instructors.
    • Seven members of our teaching faculty have doctoral degrees.
    • Holy Cross offers thirteen Advanced Placement courses and six dual enrollment courses
  • There are three academic “tracks” at Holy Cross.
    • College Preparatory is our basic course of studies.
    • Honors is a prerequisite for dual enrollment and AP courses.
  • Students are placed in honors classes based on their individual strengths; Not an “all or none” honors program
    • Our Scholars Program follows a prescribed four year course of studies, using a philosophical approach to learning which emphasizes higher level critical thinking skills through written and spoken expression.
  • A technology-infused curriculum ensures our students are ready to meet the needs of the changing world around us. A one-to-one laptop program offers integrated software for each student’s class.
  • Holy Cross students achieve remarkable individual growth on standardized tests. Standardized test preparation is provided for all students in grades 5-12 for the ASPIRE, ACT and PSAT tests as appropriate. Test preparation strategies and programs are provided in core classes, Saturday classes and in partnership with nationally recognized test preparation providers.
  • Family first. We choose to cap our classes at 25, we choose to keep our largest grade at 175 and we choose to serve just over 1,000 families.
    • Our fine art department offers four year electives in Studio Art, Drama, Chorus and Band.
    • Our co-curricular and extra-curricular opportunities successfully augment student talent – our robotics and speech team are nationally recognized!
    • Our athletic program is among the most historic, respected and competitive in the state.
Holy Cross School does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national or ethnic origin in the administration of its policies.